Complete list of Insurance companies in South Africa

The growing importance of insurance companies in South Africa cannot be overlooked since the sector plays a major role in the financial market of the country.

One may ask what insurance is all about and how it works in practicality.

Simply put, Insurance is a means of protection from future financial loss. It is a form of risk management strategy in which a person is held to stand back on his feet after suffering a financial loss or damage.

The entity or company which provides insurance is called the insurer or an insurance company or the insurance carrier.

On the other hand, the person buying the insurance package or being insured is known as the Insured or the Policy Holder.

How Insurance Works

The Insured which is the person or entity covered provides a monthly and regular payment to the insurer according to the terms agreed upon over a period of time in exchange of a promise of compensation from the insurer or insurance company in case the insured suffers a loss in accordance with the terms and conditions in the policy. The document or contract between the insurance company and the Insured in known and referred to as the Insurance Policy.

Types of Insurance in South Africa

There are various types of insurance policies on the South African market lately as the competitive nature of the industry is driving innovation between companies.

Below are some of the types of insurance on the south african market

Insurance Companies in South Africa

Things to Note

The list of Insurance companies in South Africa may change at any point in time since like every other company, new companies may be licensed to join the list and old ones may close down for various reasons.

We will however try our best to keep this list updated as and when new insurance companies are licensed or existing ones close down.

It is your duty to crosscheck and verify with the insurance company and the regulators before entering into any form of business with them. You can also contact the insurance companies using their contact numbers.