Rentmeester Assurance

Rentmeester Life Insurance is part of Rentmeester Assurance Limited which was established as a subsidiary of Capital Alliance Holdings, who in turn are controlled by Liberty Holdings Limited. In 2008, Capital Alliance Limited acquired the entire issued share capital of Rentmeester. This strategic alliance spurred the growth of Rentmeester Life Assurance which became part of a listed entity on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and now commands a significant stake within the life insurance industry.


Rentmeester Funeral

The Rentmeester Funeral products specifically target individuals, however the option exists for small groups of between 20 and 25 to purchase this product collectively. Rentmeester Life Insurance also provides access to group funeral schemes which employers can procure for the benefit of their employees.

Rentmeester Life Cover

The Rentmeester Life Cover is available as a whole life policy which means that members can enjoy the benefits of the policy for as long as premium payments are paid. Premium payments for the life cover options available at Rentmeester are determined in accordance with the age of the Main Life Assured at inception of the policy and the selected option.  The company also gives access to group life cover, group life pension and group provident fund.

The Rentmeester Life Cover is subject to certain limitations such as:

  1. In the event that death of the Main Life Assured occurs as a result of suicide within a period of 2 years of the inception date of the policy, no death benefits will be payable.
  2. In the event that death of the Main Life Assured occurs as a result of natural causes, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS, no death benefits will be paid out.
  3. No waiting period is applicable for accidental death.

Rentmeester Customer Support

Rentmeester Life Insurance is committed towards providing exceptional customer support and relevant insurance products to its growing market base. The Rentmeester customer support team is available to assist customers with securing the best tailor-made insurance product. Rentmeester Life Insurance also makes use of independent brokers to market their product range in return for a monthly commission calculated as 22% of the nett premium.

Contact details:

Tel: 0860 991 991 | 0860 225 330
Email: [email protected]