Victoria University Of Wellington Bachelor Of Commerce

If you’re interested in a career in the world of commerce and want expertise in business and the business of government then the Bachelor of Commerce is the degree for you.

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a three-year undergraduate degree designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need for a successful career in the exciting world of commerce.

You’ll get a strong foundation in private business and public administration and gain skills in communication, teamwork, and leadership. In the BCom, you’ll develop your critical and creative thinking, as well as an understanding of how different cultures do business.

International recognition

Wellington School of Business and Government is among a small group of business schools worldwide that hold the ‘Triple Crown’ of international business education accreditations. You can be confident your qualification will stand up against the best around the world.

Find out more about university accreditations and what they mean for you.

Important information

  • In the first year of your Bachelor of Commerce, you normally take courses that amount to 120 points. This could be four 15-point courses in each of the first and second trimesters. These are usually made up of the seven core courses and one elective course.
  • In order to get into advanced-level courses, you need to have first completed the 100-level prerequisite courses, so keep this in mind when making your choices.
  • Subjects in the BCom with specific minor requirements include Actuarial Science, Data Science, Econometrics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. Contact the liaison officers to learn more about studying these subjects. If you’re already a student here, contact a student adviser.

First year

In your first year, you’ll be encouraged to take as many of the core courses as possible. These courses include Accounting, Information Systems, Statistics and Marketing. You’ll also be introduced to the principles of Management and Microeconomics.

It’s a good idea to take the Government, Law, and Business course (FCOM 111) in your first year as it covers referencing and writing skills that are useful in other courses.

It’s possible to do two majors in your BCom, but be careful to take courses that meet the requirements of both majors.

First-year courses are normally taught at our Kelburn campus.

Second year

This is the year you start to get down to the detail of your chosen major. You’ll delve into the issues and gain skills through research and real-world projects.

Third year

At the end of year three of your Bachelor of Commerce, you’ll know your chosen major inside out. Graduate university skilled and ready to embark on a successful career—in New Zealand or beyond.

Get a Master’s degree

At the end of your three-year BCom you can choose to continue your learning with postgraduate studies. Give your career options a boost and choose from a range of postgraduate programmes offered by Victoria University of Wellington.Explore postgraduate study options

Flexibility in your degree

Take advantage of the flexibility offered by Victoria University of Wellington. Depending on your degree, you may be able to do a:

  • Double major—specialise in two subjects in your degree.
  • Second major from another degree—study a wider range of subjects without doing another degree.
  • Minor—specialise in a subject without doing as many courses as for a major.
  • Conjoint degree—this intense programme lets you complete two degrees more quickly, usually in four years, by requiring you to do fewer courses.

Flexible study

Improve your writing

Clear writing is vital to your success at university and at work. It helps you understand your subject, organise your thoughts, and communicate your message. If you want to improve your writing, consider the Writing (Academic and Professional) course.View writing course


Scholarships are awarded to hundreds of first-year students each year. They help with living costs and accommodation costs at the University’s halls of residence.

Our Tangiwai, Totoweka and Kahotea scholarships are available to school leavers, and there are several other first-year scholarships on offer in our scholarships database.

You can also apply for a TeachNZ Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded based on specific areas where teachers are needed.

Degree requirements

For this degree you’ll need to:

Important information

  • In most cases you should include FCOM 111 in your first year of study.
  • If you’re thinking of majoring in Accounting or Taxation you should take ACCY 111. Otherwise take ACCY 130.
  • Some of the 100-level courses listed above are also listed under the requirements for the major. You only need complete these courses once.
  • Subjects in the BCom with specific minor requirements include Actuarial Science, Data Science, Econometrics, and Marketing.
  • Make sure you check what the prerequisites are for all 200- and 300-level courses you are planning to do in your degree. Ensure your choices will cover those requirements.
  • For more programme details and requirements, see the University Calendar. It’s an annual publication and an authoritative source for planning your degree.