United Overseas Bank UOB Loan

United Overseas Bank UOB Loan, Enjoy low interest rates of 8.00% p.a. with no processing fee (as low as EIR 14.13% p.a.), when you apply for UOB Personal Loan online!

Rates & Tenors

Loan Tenor(Months)Processing fee(%)Flat rates(% p.a.)Effective interest rates (% p.a.)
12 (min)No processing fee!8.0014.45
60 (max)14.13

Note: The Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is the actual rate incurred for using the loan facility, taking into account of the total charges and the way the repayment is made. Thereafter, the prevailing interest rate will apply.

*Daily repayment of S$0.80 is calculated based on an approved loan amount of S$1,000 for loan tenor of 60 months and interest rate of 8.00% p.a.

Interest is computed based on the Effective Interest Rate (EIR) payable on a reducing balance basis, where interest is computed by:

  • Effective Interest Rate (“EIR”) x the Outstanding Loan Amount ÷ 365/366 days X number of days to the next Credit Card/CashPlus statement date.

If the date of approval of the UOB Personal Loan and the date of your Credit Card/CashPlus Statement is less than 30/31 days, the interest payable of your 1st UOB Personal Loan instalment will be pro-rated on a 365 days basis or 366 days basis in a leap year.

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Your approved loan amount will be drawn-down from your UOB CashPlus / UOB Credit Card limit and disbursed to a designated savings account of your choice. 

For application of UOB Credit Card and/or UOB Personal Loan

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T&Cs apply. Instant approval for applications submitted between 8.30am to 9pm (for new UOB customers)


Qualify for the selected Cash Plus or Credit Card Types of your choice Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident 21 – 60 years old Minimum annual income of S$30,000

UOB Private Home Loan Promotion

Usher new beginnings into your home this Lunar New Year with our attractive home loan package which gives you interest savings through a promotional interest rate, legal subsidy of 0.4% of the loan amount (up to S$1,800) to cover your legal fees, and provides you with the flexibility to partially pay down your loan at any time. On top of that, enjoy a free package conversion if the Mortgage Rate increases within the first two years of the loan disbursement. Terms and conditions apply. 

Make it a joyous start to the festivities with up to S$2,800* of rewards and legal subsidies upon your home loan acceptance.

Here’s how:

Accepted LoanReward for New PurchaseReward for Refinance
S$100,000 to ‹ S$500,000Legal subsidy 0.4% of loan amount capped at S$1,800.
Total Value = up to S$1,800
S$500,000 to S$1,000,000S$500 
TANGS Gift Card
$500 TANGS GIFT CARD + $1,800 legal subsidy 
Total Value = S$2,300
› S$1,000,000S$1,000 
TANGS Gift Card
$1,000 TANGS GIFT CARD + $1,800 legal subsidy 
Total Value = S$2,800

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14. How should I contact UOB for more details?

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NEW! Secure your desired property with our Instant Home Loan approval1.

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Click on “APPLY NOW” to apply for a new UOB Home Loan with forms pre-filled by retrieving your personal information with MyInfo. Applications submitted between 8.30am to 9pm daily will be processed instantly. Applications received outside these times will be processed the next working day.  

For Foreigners and U.S. Persons:
Please leave us with your details so we can contact and assist you.

*Terms and Conditions apply

1Instant approval refers to a conditional approval for a UOB Property Loan, and is granted based on the information provided by the applicant. It is processed and approved by UOB, and is subject to the applicable terms and conditions, including the necessary documentation verification and completion.