United Overseas Bank UOB Internet Banking Sg

United Overseas Bank UOB Internet Banking Sg, UOB IBanking is a specialised platform developed by the United Overseas Bank (UOB) to provide secure banking services over the Internet.

Why should I choose to do my banking via UOB IBanking?

UOB IBanking lets you access your bank accounts and carry out banking transactions online anywhere with an Internet connection. UOB IBanking is a convenient way to manage your finances, as it is available around the clock.

What can I do with UOB IBanking?

With UOB IBanking, you can perform a wide range of banking transactions, manage your UniAlerts, and access UOB Asset Management services.

You’ll Love

  • The convenience of paying your bills at one go to more 
    than 400 billing organisations
  • The peace of mind knowing that UOB archives your bank statements 
    electronically for 5 years from the time you subscribe
  • Saving up to 50% service fee when you purchase cashier’s order 
    or other remittances online

You’ll Need

  • Either a UOB credit card or a UOB bank account