e-Statement First National Bank

e-Statement First National Bank, Get your statements emailed for free promptly, consistently and securely every month. With email statements, you get your statements faster than paper statements. You can download, save and print your statements. FNB has installed security measures to protect your information.

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Easy to store

You can keep the email statements safely on your PC until they are required.

Easy to file

It is easier to file an electronic statement versus a paper statement.

More secure

Email statements are more secure than paper statements. The statement is encrypted and cannot be tampered with.

How to use it

Watch + learn

We show you step-by-step exactly what to do.

How to set up email statements sent to your inbox using Online Banking

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Email statements

Qualifying criteria

  1. Have an active Personal, Business or Smart Account with FNB
  2. You need to be registered for Online Banking to use this service