Victoria University Of Wellington Online

If you are eligible to enrol online, you will receive an invitation email from our International Admissions team once online enrolments open.

Any international undergraduate or postgraduate student with an unconditional Offer of Place is eligible to enrol online.

Online enrolment opens in October (for Trimester 1), May (for Trimester 2), and September (Trimester 3). Refer to your invitation to enrol email for the deadline for your enrolment period.

How to enrol online

You can enrol online following these steps. Have your student ID number ready before you begin.

  1. Accept your Offer of Place.
  2. Read the important notes section below.
  3. Check which required or recommended courses you should enrol in for your programme and choose any elective courses. Find out how to choose your courses and get course advice. Make a note of these courses before you log into the online enrolment form.
  4. Log into the online enrolment form using your student ID number and your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy).
  5. Complete the online enrolment form, following closely any instructions within the form.
  6. Submit your completed form before the deadline shown in your invitation to enrol email.

Important notes before you enrol online

  • You can find your student ID number in your Offer of Place letter or your invitation to enrol email.
  • Enrolments are only open for this academic year. If you are starting your studies in:
    • Trimester 1: You can enrol online in courses for all trimesters this academic year.
    • Trimester 2: You can only enrol in courses for Trimester 2 (and Trimester 3 if applicable).
    • Trimester 3: You can only enrol in courses for Trimester 3.
  • You must enrol in three or four courses (45 to 80 points) each trimester to study full time and meet the requirements of your student visa.
  • You will have an opportunity to change your courses in your online enrolment form once you have submitted it.
  • If you have a conditional Offer of Place, your enrolment will be confirmed once you successfully achieve the conditions outlined in your Offer of Place letter. Failure to meet these conditions will result in the cancellation of your enrolment.

Start your online enrolment now

If you have any questions about enrolling online, contact [email protected] your online enrolment now