Victoria University Of Wellington Jobs

Victoria University of Wellington is an equal employment opportunities employer and actively seeks to meet its obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi. We care about your privacy and personal information. You can review our privacy notice or alternatively find out more about working at the University.

Applications and Database Administrator New Zealand, KelburnApply
Client Service Advisor New Zealand, KelburnApply
John David Stout Research Fellow New Zealand, KelburnApply
Property Manager New Zealand, WellingtonApply
Executive Assistant New Zealand, KelburnApply
Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Oceanographic Modelling New Zealand, WellingtonApply
Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Molecular Biology New Zealand, KelburnApply
Professor in Nursing New Zealand, NewtownApply
Teaching Fellow New Zealand, Wellington CentralApply
Caretaker (Library Patrol) New Zealand, KelburnApply
Caretaker Mobile Patrol New Zealand, KelburnApply
Senior Lecturer/Lecturer – Midwifery New Zealand, NewtownApply
Writer in Residence 2021 New Zealand, KelburnApply
Emerging Māori Writer in Residence New Zealand, KelburnApply
Expressions of Interest – Robinson Research Institute New Zealand, KelburnApply

Benefits of working with us

There are many benefits to working at Victoria University of Wellington, including being part of New Zealand’s top research university.

Victoria University of Wellington is one of New Zealand’s leading universities, officially ranked number one in the country for our research.

By joining the University’s community you will be part of an organisation dedicated to strengthening New Zealand’s position in the global knowledge economy. Our commitment to the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and the development of graduates who will shape and lead our country’s future, is supported by the excellence of our academic and general staff.

Find out where you fit in our strategic direction and learn more about our research expertise.

Living and working in Wellington

Take advantage of the capital city’s position as central to New Zealand’s culture, creative arts and science endeavours, as well as the home of government and many international businesses. Explore the facilities and services on the University’s campuses.

Induction and orientation

In order to ensure staff feel welcome and are able to carry out their roles effectively, the University has an integrated induction and orientation programme. It involves induction in schools as well as orientation and welcome programmes for all staff.

Induction at the University includes the Welcome to Victoria University of Wellington interactive presentation, which will introduce you to the University, our history, mission and values. You can check out the presentation here.

Start: Welcome to Victoria University of Wellington (opens in a new window)Warning: Due to technical limitations, the Welcome to Victoria University of Wellington presentation will not play in Firefox. We recommend that you use Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer to view the presentation.

Equal employment opportunities

The University is committed to equity and diversity, and makes a determined effort to develop an inclusive environment, to achieve a balanced gender representation, and increase the number of Māori and other under-represented groups on staff, including people with disabilities.

Employment agreements

The majority of permanent staff are employed under collective employment agreements. The University endeavours to work closely with union representatives from the Tertiary Education Union (TEU), the Public Sector Association (PSA), and other unions. It negotiates annually regarding employment conditions.

Health, safety and wellbeing

The University is committed to being a safe, vibrant and welcoming environment. The University aims to provide safe and sustainable campuses and facilities which recognise the needs of a diverse community. Visit the Health and Safety website for more information.

Employee assistance programme

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available to permanent staff who have personal problems which may be affecting their work performance. This professional confidential assistance programme is provided without cost by the University.

Manager, Staff Wellness

The Manager, Staff Wellness is available for all staff to resolve workplace health concerns.

Professional development and training

The focus of the Performance, Development and Career Planning Process (PDCP) is the development of staff, both academic and general, and ensuring that all staff work together to achieve the overall goals of the University. It provides an appropriate framework for positive and useful discussions between staff and their managers, leading to a common understanding of objectives and personal and professional development.

Advice on staff development programmes is provided through Human Resources or the Centre for Academic Development (CAD).

Staff excellence awards

The University believes in rewarding excellence in all areas of our organisation. One of the more high-profile, and prestigious, ways of doing this is the annual Excellence Awards. The awards have categories for teaching, research, engagement, equity and diversity, professional staff and health and safety.

Staff discounts and benefits

As a Victoria University of Wellington staff member, you can enjoy many staff benefits, including discounts at a range of suppliers.

Medical insurance

A Southern Cross Group Scheme is available to all permanent staff.

A Southern Cross representative is available on the last weekday of the month in room RS202 1–2pm.

Superannuation scheme

The University is part of Unisaver. Unisaver is a recognised scheme for the purposes of Kiwisaver. Most University employees are entitled to join UniSaver.