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The University was founded in 1897 and teaching began in April 1899 with 115 students enrolled in the first year.

Early years

For the first few years, lectures took place in rented accommodation in the city while a debate raged over where the new University’s home should be built. Eventually, the College Council decided to build on ‘six vertical acres’ in Kelburn, the site of the Kelburn campus today.


Research at the University began in 1899 following the arrival of the University’s four pioneering Professors—Thomas Easterfield, Hugh Mackenzie, Richard Maclaurin and John Rankine Brown.


In 1904, the first stage of what is today known as the Hunter Building was begun, and the building was opened in 1906 by the Governor of New Zealand, Lord Plunket.

A pattern of growth was quickly established. Student numbers rose from 254 in 1905 to over 700 in 1923, with three additions made to the building over this period. A reputation for fine teaching and research also grew, thanks to the efforts of early academics such as Professors ‘Tommy’ Hunter, J.C. Beaglehole and George von Zedlitz.

In 1961, the University of New Zealand system was dissolved, and on 1 January 1962, Victoria College became Victoria University of Wellington.


The University incorporated the Wellington College of Education as the Faculty of Education on 1 January 2005. The following year, the New Zealand School of Music was established by Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University, a centre of musical excellence that combined the institutions’ music programmes.


From a single campus in Kelburn with fewer than 260 students, Victoria University of Wellington has grown into a network of campuses, research centres, institutes and partnerships worldwide.

Campus plaques are located across the University offering insights to those who have contributed to the University since it was established in 1897.

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A list of the faculties at the University, and the schools that are part of them.

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We are championing a sustainable future by fostering the leaders of tomorrow, delivering world class research and building a sustainable campus.

Adam Art Gallery

Contemporary art exhibitions that are open to all and free. Discover the University’s own gallery at the heart of the Kelburn Campus.

Pasifika Haos

Pasifika Haos is a place of belonging for all Pasifika students at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

Venues, conferences, and alcohol events

Vic Venues is now operating under Campus Living. Campus Living are the main point of contact when hiring University facilities for events.

Te Huanui

Te Huanui will be Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington’s front door, connecting our campus to the city.

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Victoria University Of Wellington Address

The information provided below are the Victoria University Of Wellington contacts details. You can call or locate us for all the information needed.

Emergency contacts

Internal: Extn 8888 Campus Emergency line.

External: 0800 842 8888 Campus Security Office.


If you wish to send an email message to any staff member at Victoria University of Wellington, the correct address format is: [email protected]

For general enquiries, email [email protected].


Switchboard: If operator assistance is required, phone 0800 04 04 04, 
or +64 4 472 1000.

Auto attendant: if an extension is known, phone +64 4 463 5233.

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[Name of person/department] 
Victoria University of Wellington 
PO Box 600 
Wellington 6140 
New Zealand

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  • Contact our Student Recruitment and Orientation or Wellington University International teams for advice on courses, admissions, and studying with us.

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