Victoria University Of Wellington Halls Application

How to apply to live in a hall of residence, and the application process for new and returning residents.


Applications for 2021 accommodation open on 1 August and are due by 1 October 2020.

We are still accepting applications for Trimester 2, 2020 accommodation.

New applicants

Apply for a hall of residence. You don’t need to fill in the whole form at once—you can save your progress and come back to it.

If your application is incomplete, it won’t be submitted. Your application can only be processed if it’s complete and we’ve received all the required documentation.

Apply only once. Multiple applications from the same person will cause delays. Some students are entitled to a guaranteed offer of a place in one of our halls.

Returning applicants

If you have lived in a hall during the academic year or applied with us previously, you can resubmit your application. Visit the applications page and enter your username (email) and password, then apply for the year you want.

If you have forgotten your password, use the Reset Password button.

The form will preload your existing responses, so applying should only take 5–10 minutes.

Call our office if you are unsure whether you have applied before, or if you need advice before applying.

Do not register more than once as this will cause delays.

How we choose residents

Heads of Hall choose applicants according to the University’s guaranteed offer and equity criteria. They work towards creating a diverse hall community by considering gender balance, cultural diversity, degree type and geographical representation.

We can’t guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want—eg. your first choice hall or a single room. We do, however, take your requests into account when we make our decisions, so spend time on your application and read our application advice.

NZ applicants under 20

If you are under 20, have attended a New Zealand based school, and are attending university for the first time in 2021, someone must fill out and submit a Common Confidential Reference Form.

You can fill out an online request form at the end of our application or you can ask your school for help.

Late applications and offers

We do accept late applications, but they won’t be considered in our first selection round. Read more about late offers.

One trimester stays

Tenancy contracts for halls of residence usually span the academic year, beginning at the start of Trimester 1 (February) and finishing at the end of Trimester 2 (November). You can arrange for a shorter stay in some circumstances.

Trimester 1

If you will finish your studies in Trimester 1 (February to June) you can apply to stay in a hall for a shorter time. Apply between 1 August and 1 October.

You’ll be charged an extra 10 percent on top of your accommodation fees to cover the cost of finding someone to take your room when you leave.

Trimester 2

Some halls will have vacancies for Trimester 2 (July to November). Apply before the start of the trimester (Monday 13 July 2020).

Trimester 3 and summer

Some halls offer summer accommodation for Trimester 3 (November to February).

Visit the summer and conferences page for more information.

Apply now for trimester 3. Getting a place for Trimester 3 doesn’t guarantee you a place for the next academic year.