Victoria University Of Wellington Fashion

Aspire to be a leader in the vital and growing fields of design. Learn to see the nuances of good design and become a creative virtuoso—gaining the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful designer.

The Bachelor of Design Innovation (BDI) will prepare you to work as a designer in an exciting variety of design-based professions. Find out about the seven areas of design you can major in for your undergraduate degree, along with two areas offered at postgraduate level.

Fashion Design Technology

Move beyond the traditional approaches to fashion design by incorporating technological innovation and new materials into your designs.

You’ll learn the technical skills of figure drawing, pattern design and design construction as well as a range of software, manufacturing and production techniques needed for the fashion and wearable industries. You’ll also study the history of fashion and cultural trends, and understand sustainable and ethical production practices.

Explore 3D printing and other computer-aided design processes. Experiment with high-performance materials, wearable technology and electronic devices—your designs could assist people with disabilities or those in hazardous occupations.

Gain cutting-edge skills based on emerging technologies and create designs that can solve challenges and improve people’s lives. You’ll be well prepared for a variety of fashion design technology roles and to actively shape the future of this industry.

With costume design, you’ll learn how fashion relates to stage, film and video game production, and gain hands-on experience.

You’ll have the opportunity to submit your creations to exhibitions and competitions and take part in our end-of-year wearable technology fashion show.