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We offer a range of programmes for anyone looking to study at university for the first time, further their studies and career, or retrain in a new industry.

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Some of our undergraduate degrees are flexible, while others are quite specialised. Look at our study options and get to know how degrees are structured.

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Choose from certificates, diplomas, Honours, Master’s, PhDs, and doctoral degrees—there’s a programme that’s right for you to advance your skills and knowledge.

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Discover our wide range of specialist subjects for postgraduate study.

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With more than 100 undergraduate subjects available, browse our list to find subjects you enjoy and that match your career goals.

Study in Trimester 3

Explore new interests, expand your knowledge, or fast-track your qualification. Study in Trimester 3 at Victoria University of Wellington.

Limited entry

Some courses and qualifications have a limit on the number of students they can admit.

Short courses and non-degree programmes

Take courses for personal interest or professional development. There are also introductory courses and programmes to prepare students for degree-level study.