University Of Otago Wifi

The University of Otago offers several methods to connect to the WiFi. Whether you are a new student, a staff member or just visiting the University, you can connect following the appropriate instructions.

For Students

As a University of Otago Student you have access to WiFi at these locations. You also have two WiFi networks to chose from: UO-STUDENT and UO_WIFI. You can connect to either one of them using the same instructions.

F.Y.I: There are some locations where only one of the two networks is present, such as Central Library which only has UO_WIFI or Burns Building where there is only UO-STUDENT. Do not panic if you can not see the network you are usually connected to, just use the alternative network.

For Staff Members

As a staff member in the University of Otago you can connect to two different networks, UO_WIFI or UO-STAFF.

To connect to UO_WIFI follow the appropriate instructions listed under the “For Student” section. Use your Staff username and password instead of a student username and password.

To connect to UO-STAFF, follow the instructions in this ITS Staff On-Campus Network Access website.

Student from another University / Tertiary Institute

If you are a visiting student from a university that is in the Eduroam program, you can connect to the Eduroam network accessible throughout the University of Otago campus.

Each University uses a different set of credentials to connect to Eduroam, therefore you will need to find out what your home University uses to login to Eduroam. A Google search with the keywords “Eduroam” and the name of your home university should do the trick, but if it doesn’t then you will have to contact your home University IT support or come and see Student IT located at the Central Library of the University of Otago.

Read the University of Otago ITS Eduroam webpage for how to set up the Eduroam network at the University of Otago.

General Visitor

If you are a visitor to the University you can use the UO_Guest network – see the Visitor Network Access page on the main ITS website for instructions.

Note: if you are a staff or student from another University, you may also be able to use the Eduroam network – see the Eduroam section above for more information.