University Of Otago Kiwisaver

In 2007, the New Zealand Government introduced a superannuation savings plan called Kiwisaver. The University is exempt from automatic enrolment in the scheme, so you will not be automatically enrolled in any superannuation plan at the start of your employment with the University.

Have you thought about the NZUSS-CFA Kiwisaver compliant scheme? It offers many the benefits of Kiwisaver, plus the benefits of the NZUSS.

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How does the scheme work?

The Kiwisaver scheme deducts a percentage of your salary which is then invested by your chosen provider.

At your request, the University will send you a Kiwisaver application form (KS2), make deductions from your salary and forward them directly to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

Kiwisaver contributions are locked in until retirement, with the exception of the first-home withdrawal scheme.

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Please note: The University is not qualified to give financial advice on which superannuation option is best for you. You are encouraged to seek independent financial advice prior to deciding which superannuation option you would like to use.

However, if you have technical questions or need more details about each plan, please contact Brian Donnelly, the HR Superannuation & Staff Benefits Advisor, at ext. 8274 or email him at [email protected].