University Of Otago International Fees

International Students studying at Otago pay international tuition fees.

The figures listed in the fees schedules are a guide only and represent the tuition fees for a normal full-time course comprised entirely of papers from the specified subject area.

Many students will, however, enrol for papers from a range of subject areas. Your actual tuition fee is calculated on the basis of fees for each paper that you include in your course.

Tuition fees may change from year to year by a modest amount. If your programme extends beyond a calendar year (January-December), you will be required to pay the tuition fee applicable for the current year. Tuition fees may only increase by a maximum of 5% per annum.

The tuition fees do not include the student services and administration fees. Information on these fees is available in the sections above.

International tuition fees for each division

Payment of International Tuition Fees

The University of Otago uses the Western Union Business Solutions payment portal, GlobalPay, for you to pay your tuition, accommodation and insurance fees. You can pay from your bank account with a telegraphic transfer, or domestic transfer.

GlobalPay now accepts credit card as one of the payment options for certain currencies. The Credit Card option is only applicable to students that need to convert their home currency to NZD. Please note that students whose home currency is USD do not have this option available.

Five Reasons to use Western Union Business Solutions payment portal

  • It’s easy to use and you can make your payment faster and receive your payment receipt sooner.
  • Save money by choosing a telegraphic transfer from your bank. There are no transfer charges from Western Union Business Solutions for this type of payment.
  • You can use your own currency and still be sure that your full payment amount will be made in New Zealand Dollars.
  • Once you make the payment, the exchange rate is locked in for 72 hours, making sure that the full amount is paid.
  • You get peace of mind, knowing that your payment will arrive in full, on time, without any extra charges or delays.

How to make your payment

  1. Log into the international student payment portal to make your payment.
  2. Enter your student information.
  3. Enter your payment amount in New Zealand Dollars.
  4. Select your payment method – telegraphic transfer – choose your country and currency*
  5. Enter the details of the person making the payment and print your bank transfer instructions.
  6. Complete your payment at your local bank branch or with online banking using the printed instructions.

*due to international banking regulations transactions in some currencies are not available. If your currency does not appear as an option for telegraphic transfer, please select an alternative currency such as USD$.

Need help?
Email [email protected]

If you are not able to use the Western Union Business Solutions payment portal and need to make your payment from an International bank account, you can make payment via telegraphic transfer to the University of Otago bank account:

Bank and address:Westpac New Zealand LimitedWestpac Moray Place BranchPO Box 5345, Dunedin 9058NEW ZEALAND
Bank Account Name:University of Otago – Student Tuition
Bank Account Number:03-0175-0660238-01
SWIFT Code:WPACNZ2W (for payments outside New Zealand)

Please ensure that you add your name and student ID as the payment reference.

Note: International students from sanctioned jurisdictions should see additional information on information sharing for the purpose of processing payments.

Tuition Fee Due Dates

Please see below for the due date for payment of tuition fees:

Students registering for study at the start of the academic year are required to pay all fees enrolled for by10 February 2020
Students registering for second semester study only are required to pay all fees enrolled for by10 July 2020
Students registering for Summer School are required to pay all Summer School fees enrolled for by10 January 2020

A late payment fee of $100.00 will be charged to accounts not paid by the due date.

If a student increases their programme of study during the year by adding one or more papers, the additional tuition fee for those papers is payable 20 days from when the change of course is registered.

How to obtain a tuition fee receipt for student visa purposes

Tuition fee receipts are not automatically generated. To request a tuition fee receipt for student visa application purposes, contact the appropriate email address:

New students:
Email [email protected]

Returning students:
Email [email protected]

Tuition fee receipts cannot be issued until your payment has been received into the University of Otago bank account. Due to this we encourage new students to make payment well in advance of their student visa application deadline to allow the Revenue Management Office and the Student Visa Office time to supply a receipt.

Tuition fees for International PhD students

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students are eligible to pay tuition fees at the New Zealand domestic level. International PhD students must be resident in New Zealand during their study, apart from approved temporary absences overseas for the purposes of doctoral research, to be classified as domestic fee paying students.

Dependants of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students will be treated as New Zealand domestic students for the purposes of fee payment at primary (approximately 5–12 years of age) and secondary (approximately 13–18 years of age) schools.

Refund Policy for International Students

If the University withdraws an offer of a place or is unable to provide the course, all tuition fees paid are fully refundable. If, however, an offer is withdrawn on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information supplied by the student, the University reserves the right to retain up to 10% of the course fee.

A student who has received a conditional offer of a place but fails to meet the conditions of the offer will have the course deposit and any tuition fees refunded in full.

A student who has not been required to secure his/her place with a deposit, must provide written notice of withdrawal from courses by 5pm (NZ time) on:

Summer School papers13 January 2020
First semester papers13 March 2020
Full year papers20 March 2020
Second semester papers24 July 2020

If a student deletes in full and has completed the Course Declaration process, tuition fees paid will be refunded in full, less a Tuition Refund fee of $100.00.

Fee Protection Policy

The University is governed by the Public Finance Act, the Education Act, and University Council regulations in regard of student fees. An individual fee account is maintained for each enrolled student. In the event that the University is not able to offer an academic programme for the semester intake indicated on the student’s Offer of Place, all funds will be refunded to the student. Further information on the University’s refund policy for international students can be found above.

Change of Status

International students who are granted New Zealand residency while enrolled may be eligible to pay domestic fees for the current and subsequent years (see below). Proof of change of residential status can be demonstrated only by presenting an original passport and letter confirming eVisa approval.

To be considered for a refund of fees to the equivalent domestic fee level, the date of award of the residence visa (as printed on the eVisa approval letter) must be prior to:

Summer School papers13 January 2020
First semester papers13 March 2020
Full year papers20 March 2020
Second semester papers24 July 2020

Award of the residence visa after these dates will mean ongoing charging at the international tuition rate for the duration of the paper(s). International students with pending New Zealand residency are advised to seek advice from the University about their situation prior to enrolment.

Information is available directly from:

The International Office
University of Otago
PO Box 56
Dunedin 9054
New Zealand
Tel +64 3 479 8344
Fax +64 3 479 8367
Email [email protected]