University Of Otago Graduate Database

The University of Otago Graduate Database allows the identification of those who have graduated from the University (including those who have been awarded diplomas or certificates) since 1977.


  • Only those who have formally graduated from the University of Otago (either at a public ceremony or in absentia) are included in this database
  • Graduates will normally be listed only under their official legal name as at their date of graduation
  • Anyone who graduated prior to 1977 will not be included in this database
  • Students who have completed a qualification, but not yet graduated are not included in this database
  • Graduates of the Dunedin College of Education are not included in this database. DCE qualifications awarded prior to 2007 can be verified by contacting the Student Records Office using the email link below

Enquiries about a person:

  • who you believe has formally graduated from the University, but whose name is not listed in the database; or
  • in relation to the qualifications of a student who has not yet graduated,

can be made to the Student Records Office using the email link below, to which any requests for correction can also be made.

Information in relation to a student who has not yet graduated and any more detailed information regarding an individual’s qualifications, are only able to be provided with authorisation from the person concerned.

Email the Student Records Office

Graduate Database – Conditions of use

Access to search this database is available on the following Conditions of Use, which must be read before you continue.

The University of Otago has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that information available in this database is accurate and up-to-date.

However the information is provided in good faith on a best endeavours basis without any warranty as to its completeness or accuracy.  Formal confirmation of details should be obtained from, or with the consent of, the individual involved and the University does not accept responsibility for any reliance placed on the information contained in this database.

By continuing to the Graduate Database you confirm that you have read and agreed to these Conditions of Use