University Of Otago Exchange

The University of Otago has exchange agreements with over 100 institutions worldwide. Students pay standard tuition fees to the home university and receive credits towards their qualification.

Exchange students coming to the University of Otago are nominated by their home university.

Otago Global Student Exchange
Information for Otago students

The Otago Global Student Exchange Programme

The Otago Global Student Exchange Programme allows students to spend one or two semesters at one of the 100+ exchange partners worldwide as part of their Otago degree.

Students pay standard tuition fees to Otago and receive credits towards their Otago qualification.

Scholarships are available and students continue to receive StudyLink loans and allowances.

Students with disabilities going on exchange

We have exchange agreements with many institutions around the world that offer an equivalent level of support that is available to you as a student here at the University of Otago.

To find out more about this option please contact an Exchange Adviser.

COVID-19 Notice to Otago students

New Zealand is in a privileged position with regards to the control of COVID-19, however the situation in many countries is far from being under control. Whether or not 2021 exchange will go ahead depends on a number of factors, including:

  • When the NZ Government determines it is safe for New Zealanders to travel overseas. Currently there is a blanket “Do not travel” advisory for all overseas destinations with no timeline as to when this may change. The University is not able to support student exchange or other overseas travel to unsafe destinations.
  • How individual countries and regions continue to fight and manage their response to the pandemic throughout the remainder of 2020. As countries report decreasing cases and reduced lockdown measures, they may become safe travel destinations, while others will still be considered too dangerous in terms of COVID-19. As a result, we may look at going ahead with exchanges to safe countries while needing to cancel or defer exchanges to countries still battling COVID.
  • Potential border closures and suspension of student visa processing in your host country – as we know, New Zealand has closed its borders to most non-residents and is currently not processing visas applications outside of NZ. Your host country may have similar temporary restrictions in place that could affect travel in 2021.
  • Availability of flights to your host country – and costs for those flights.
  • If you can travel, will you need quarantine on arrival and/or on your return to NZ? Are you able to cover potential quarantine costs, if required to?
  • Whether your host university will accept students in your preferred semester.
  • Insurance – will insurance companies offer an adequate level of cover while you are on exchange?

We continue to monitor and assess the situation regularly and we will share information, our decisions and our decision-making process with applicants as appropriate.

We encourage you to discuss your exchange plans with your parents and that you monitor (for NZ and the country you are planning to travel to).