University Of Otago Exam Results

Final results for papers can be viewed in the Examinations and Results section of the student eVision portal as soon as they become available each teaching period. Initially “Unconfirmed” will be shown alongside them. Once “Unconfirmed” is no longer showing, results are official.

The University of Otago uses the following scale to convert numerical marks into grades:

40-49Fail D
Below 40Fail E

Viewing your examination script

You may request to view your script from the start of week 1 to the end of week 12 from the date of the release of confirmed results.

There are no application forms or fees associated with viewing your examination script.

On-campus students

Contact the relevant teaching department to arrange a time to view your script in the Department.

Distance Learning students

Please email us for information regarding viewing your script.

Final examination only

Students who have failed a paper but who have completed course work satisfactorily may apply for Final Examination Only enrolment. If approved, internal marks are carried over and the examination may be sat at the end of the next teaching period that the paper is offered. 

  • Approval for Final Examination Only enrolment is at the discretion of the relevant Head of Department.
  • Some papers do not have the option of Final Examination Only; if this is the case, you will be advised.
  • Final Examination Only enrolment may be granted only once for a particular paper.
  • Final Examination Only enrolment is only available for the next teaching period in which the paper is offered after the paper is initially failed.
  • Applications will not be approved if the content or assessment of the paper is going to be significantly altered when it is next offered, or if the paper is no longer offered.

Students approved for Final Examination Only enrolment are not entitled to:

  • attend any lectures, laboratories, or tutorials
  • receive assistance from academic staff
  • have access to electronic holdings of course material
  • receive printed course material.


Applications for Final Examination Only must be received by:

  • Summer School papers – 10 January
  • Semester one and Full Year papers – 1 March
  • Semester two papers – 31 July

Further information Final Examination Only is available here.