University Of Canterbury Online Courses

UC’s College of Arts offers some courses by distance to students through the university’s online interactive learning platform, using a blended learning approach.

Arts distance courses you successfully complete can count towards a university degree, in the same way as a regular campus-based course. Depending on your course selection, an entire Bachelor of Arts can be completed by distance.

Currently available distance courses

Distance courses run over the summer and in semester 1 and 2. See Key course dates for more information on start and end dates.
Here is a list of Arts distance courses to choose from:

Semester 1 – 2020

  • ANTH102 Cultural Diversity and The Making of The Modern World
  • CLAS144 Beginners’ Latin A
  • DIGI202 Cyberspace, Cyborgs, and the Meaning of Life
  • EURA101 Global EUrope
  • GRMN151 Elementary German Language A
  • LING101 The English Language
  • MAOR107 Aotearoa: Introduction to Traditional Maori Society
  • PHIL110 Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus
  • PHIL139 Ethics, Politics and Justice
  • POLS102 Politics: An Introduction
  • RUSS130 Elementary Russian Language A
  • LING225 Forensic Linguistics
  • PHIL203 Dinosaurs, Quarks and Quasars: The Philosophy of Science
  • PHIL235 Cyberspace, Cyborgs, and the Meaning of Life
  • PHIL240 Bioethics: Life, Death, and Medicine
  • RUSS230 Intermediate Russian Language A
  • MAOR404 Kaupapa Maori Research
  • LING615 World Englishes
  • SOWK612 Mana Motuhake, a Bicultural Analysis
  • SOWK617 Qualitative Research and Programme Evaluation Strategies
  • SOWK671 Fieldwork Practicum 1

Semester 2 – 2020

  • CLAS145 Beginners’ Latin B
  • COMS102 Introduction to News and Journalism
  • CULT114 Aotearoa – Introduction to New Zealand Treaty Society
  • GRMN152 Elementary German Language B
  • HSRV103 Violence in Society
  • LING102 Language and Society in New Zealand and Beyond
  • MAOR108 Aotearoa: Introduction to New Zealand Treaty Society
  • RUSS131 Elementary Russian Language B
  • RUSS231 Intermediate Russian Language B
  • SOWK611 Human Behaviour and Mental Health
  • SOWK672 Fieldwork Practicum II