University Of Canterbury Kaikoura Field Station

The University of Canterbury has the most extensive network of field stations of any New Zealand university.

The UC mandate for field services is to provide quality opportunities for site specific teaching/learning and research.

The University field stations at Cass, KaikĊura, Mt John and Westport are included in the University building stock, and are managed by Facilities Management as University buildings and facilities. They are subject to all University policies and procedures.

The Field Facilities Centre comprises the field laboratories at Cass, Kaikoura and Westport. These facilities support teaching and research carried out in the locations and environments around the field stations. 

The Field Facilities Centre also operates accommodation at the University of Canterbury Mt John Observatory. The primary purpose of Mt John is as an Astronomical Laboratory for The School of Physical and Chemical Sciences. 

The UC field stations provide living, learning, laboratory and research facilities close to field study sites for teaching and research in the field. In addition, they provide excellent venues for workshops and colloquiums. 

All requests for accommodation and space at the field stations, including Mt John, are managed through the Field Facilities Centre webpages.

Kaikoura field station


UC has ceased using the Kaikoura field station facilities on The Eslpanade.

We intend to re-establish our teaching and research at a new Kaikoura field station in the future.