University Of Canterbury Doctoral Scholarship

These scholarships support students for study towards a research doctoral degree at the University of Canterbury. Up to 50 scholarships are available each year.

Those applying for admission to a doctoral programme are asked whether they wish to be considered for the scholarship. Students who indicate that they wish to be considered are assessed for the scholarship upon gaining admission to a doctoral programme.

No further application is necessary. For more information please follow this link.

Candidates for a UC Doctoral Scholarship are automatically also considered for the following other scholarships:
– Brownlie Scholarship (All applicants)
– Canterbury Scholarship (All applicants)
– Doctoral Graduate Women Canterbury (Inc.) Trust Board Scholarship (Candidates who identify as female, in College of Arts or College of Education, Health and Human Development; every three years)
– Ngata Centenary Scholarship (Candidates with whakapapa Maori)
– Rata Foundation Scholarship (Candidates from the Rata Foundation’s regions; every three years)
– Roper Scholarship (Science candidates)
– UC Matariki Doctoral Scholarship (Candidates with whakapapa Maori)
– UC Pasifika Doctoral Scholarship (Pasifika candidates)
– William and Ina Cartwright Scholarship (Education applicants)

Applicants who applied for admission after 15 May 2019 will be automatically considered for the UC Doctoral Scholarship (and the above associated scholarships).

This form is for those who wish to be considered for a second, and last time, for a UC Doctoral Scholarship. Applicants should ensure they provide new information that was not available to the selection committee at the time of their previous application.

Applications containing no new information will be unsuccessful.

This form may also be used by applicants currently studying a master’s programme at UC who intend to transfer to doctoral studies.

Apply on-line


Candidates must have been offered admission to a research doctoral programme at the University. They must have completed an appropriate qualification at a level judged to be equivalent to a bachelor’s or master’s degree with first-class honours at UC (equivalent to a UC GPA of at least 7.0).

Amount$21,000 per annum and tuition fees at the domestic rate

Tenure 3 years

Closing Dates Application Not Required