Standard Chartered Travel Insurance

Standard Chartered Travel Insurance, Enjoy up to 50% off your premiums when you purchase an eligible travel insurance by 12 March 2019.1

Allianz Travel Protect underwritten by Allianz

24/7 Medical Assistance

Travel with peace of mind knowing you are covered, wherever you are.

Wide range of plans

Select your preferred level of coverage from  Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Submit your claims paperlessly

You can now submit your claims via the Allianz Online Claims portal.

Allianz Travel Protect via  SC Mobile App

Enjoy greater convenience with the launch of Allianz Travel Insurance purchase via SC Mobile App

Travel Inconvenience covered

Protection for your belongings, flights, money, personal documents and more!

Comprehensive Medical Coverage

Get medical expenses covered with Hospital Daily Benefit.

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Can I buy an Allianz Travel Protect policy if I am not a resident of the Singapore?

No, you are only covered if you have  valid identification documents that prove you to be a resident of Singapore.

Foreigners holding valid employment pass or work permit and living in Singapore may apply so long as it is for a round trip commencing from and returning to Singapore within the period of insurance.

What is an Individual Plan?

It provides cover for you and the people travelling with you as covered in your certificate of insurance.

What is a family plan?

Family plan provides cover for you and your family members who are travelling with you on your journey. Under this plan, insured persons may comprise of a maximum of 2 adults and 8, children. The Insured persons under a Family Cover may comprise of you, and your legal spouse, or your legal Child(ren) who is over 1 month of age and below eighteen (18) years (or twenty-three (23) years, provided the Child is unmarried, unemployed and studying full time in a recognized institution of higher learning), at the commencement of any Trip.

Once the online application has been completed, what happens next?

After the premium has been paid by credit card, a confirmation email comprised of the Certificate of Insurance and Policy Wordings will be sent to you within 4 hours of your purchase. The Certificate of Insurance contains your policy number that you must quote for Allianz to render assistance promptly.

When does the cover period commence and end for each trip?

Cover starts from the time you leave your home or workplace in Singapore to begin your trip and ends three hours after you return to Singapore or the expiry of your travel insurance, whichever is earlier.

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