Standard Chartered New Notes

Standard Chartered New Notes, New notes are now available for exchange at all our branches. In line with our “go green” initiative, “Good-As-New” SGD2 notes are also be available for exchange.

As stocks for our new notes are limited, non-account holders will only be able to exchange a maximum of SGD1,000 worth of new notes. For our current account/savings account holders, there is no limit for our “Good-As-New” notes.

Please note that there are limited stocks of new notes for exchange each day on a first come, first served basis.

Thank you for banking with Standard Chartered. We wish you a prosperous Lunar New Year.

Terms and conditions for the exchange of new SGD notes with Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (the “Bank”):

  1. These T&Cs; shall apply to any request for the exchange of new SGD notes or “good as new” SGD notes with the Bank (“New Notes Request”).
  2. Your New Notes Request is subject to the availability of new currency notes.
  3. The information provided by you in relation to your New Notes Request shall be used for any follow up or handling of queries only. The information provided shall not constitute an update of your personal particulars with the Bank.
  4. By making a New Notes Request with the Bank, you consent to the Bank’s collection, holding, storage, use, processing, transfer, disclosure and/or reporting (whether directly or indirectly) to any relevant third party, of your personal data and/or information provided to the Bank, including but not limited to, for the purposes of processing and administering your New Notes Request. You further consent and acknowledge that your personal data and/or information (i) will also be processed in line with the Bank’s privacy statement available at; and (ii) may be used in accordance with the Bank’s policies, terms and conditions or notices made available by the Bank to you from time to time.
  5. The Bank reserves the right to determine at its sole and absolute discretion all matters arising out of or in connection with your New Notes Request, including whether to allow your New Notes Request. In the event that the Bank does not proceed with your New Notes Request, you acknowledge and agree that paragraph 4 above shall remain applicable and binding on you.
  6. The Bank’s determination of all matters relating to your New Notes Request shall be final and conclusive.
  7. The Bank reserves the right to vary, modify, add, delete or otherwise revise any of these terms and conditions, without prior notice or reason (and the Bank shall not be obliged to disclose its reason).
  8. These T&Cs; are to be read in conjunction with the Bank’s Customer Terms and the relevant products and/or programme terms (collectively, “Other Terms”). In the event of any inconsistency with the Other Terms, these terms prevail only to the extent of such inconsistencies.
  9. All information is accurate as at the time of publication.