Standard Chartered Balance Transfer

Standard Chartered Balance Transfer, A balance transfer facility is an easy and effective way to settle your existing credit card debt by transferring the balance to another account and using that money to pay off your credit card bill.

This is a great way to not only get rid of your credit card payments but you also save a lot as the balance transfer facility offered by most financial institutions have a very low interest rate structure when compared to credit card repayments. The low interest rates offered is a key factor of the balance transfer facility. Once you register for this facility, you can also avail additional rewards and benefits offered that differ from one company to another.

Overview of Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Standard Chartered Bank was born with the merger of Chartered Bank of China, India and Australia and the Standard Bank of British South Africa, in the year 1969. Today, it is one of the leading banks across the globe. With its headquarters in London, it has over 1200 offices in every nook and corner of the world. The brilliant performance of Standard Chartered has been a factor in the bank’s expansion in over 70 countries spread across the world. The reason for the reach of this bank is myriad products, services and locations are mainly because of the alliances that the bank has entered into and the acquisitions made since 2000. Being one of the leading banks in the world, Standard Chartered Bank has employed over 90,000 hailing from different regions and nationalities spanned across the globe. In 2014 alone the total revenue of Standard Chartered was US$ 16.984 billion with a net income of US$ 2.705 billion.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Balance Transfer Features

You can avail the funds transfer at an interest rate of 0% for either 6 or 12 months.

  • You will be charged a processing fee of either 2.5% with an Effective Interest Rate of 5.18% per annum or a processing fee of 5% with an Effective Interest Rate of 5.41% per annum respectively depending on the funds transfer amount.
  • Standard Chartered offers loan repayment of your fund transfer in 6 and 12 month tenures.

Using this facility you can transfer the funds from your Standard Chartered Credit Card to any bank account of your choice. You even use this facility to pay off another bank’s credit card bills or line of credit.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Balance Transfer Rates and Charges

Please find below your savings when you avail the fund transfer facility to transfer SGD 10,000 using the 6 and the 12 months tenure –

Note – The following values have been rounded off and simplified for illustration

Tenure6 Months12 Months
Processing Fee expressed in SGD and %SGD 250 or 2.5% (onetime fee)SGD 500 or 5% (onetime fee)
24% Interest Payable on Other banks’ credit cardsSGD 1200SGD 2400
Standard Chartered Credit Card Funds Transfer Interest chargedSGD 0SGD 0
Effective Interest Rate5.18% per annum5.41% per annum
YOUR SAVINGSSGD 950 or 79%SGD 1900 or 79%

Applying for Standard Chartered Credit Card Funds Transfer

  • You can sign up and apply for this facility online on their website
  • You can call Standard Chartered on their hotline for more details on this facility and they will also guide you through the application process.
  • You can fill up the contact sheet made available on their website and the bank will get in touch with you.
  • You can apply for the facility directly by visiting your closest Standard Chartered bank.

Standard Chartered Credit card Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions

  • This facility has only been made available for Standard Chartered principal credit card holders.
  • The minimum funds transfer amount has been set at SGD 1000 and the maximum is 95% of the available credit limit in your Standard Chartered Credit Card account at the time of processing your application.
  • For more details on this facility offered by Standard Chartered or details on the terms and conditions, please contact the bank or visit their website.

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