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We were founded in 1898 by farmers looking to support each other’s businesses and give rural communities access to fair financing.

Now we’re one of the world’s largest rural lenders but we remain true to our core mission: to create value for our clients, employees and the rural communities where we work.

Rabobank Australia Products

  • Food & Agribusiness
  • Knowledge & Networks
  • Agri Commodities
  • Online Savings

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How can we help you?

Rabobank prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service to every client. Our people are ready to listen and help you with any queries you may have about banking with us.

Rabobank Australia (Farm & Agribusiness)Rabobank Online Savings (RaboDirect)
phone1800 025 484
MON – FRI 8am – 6pm (Sydney time) or call your local area manager.

If you are calling from overseas:+61 2 8115 2240
phone1800 445 445
MON – FRI 8am – 7pm (Sydney time)

If you are calling from overseas:+61 2 8115 2558

If you wish to report a lost or stolen Visa debit card or a declined online Visa debit card transaction outside of our business hours, please call +61 2 9959 7686.

Mobile Banking App

Make managing your accounts simple

Our Farm Business Mobile Banking App is easy to use and with a few taps you can manage your accounts, whenever and wherever you like

  • Check up to 3 account balances without logging in, using the Balance Peek feature
  • Switch between entities once logged in
  • Transfer money in, out, or between your active entity accounts
  • Set-up future payments up to 1 year ahead (existing payees only)
  • Make BPAY®payments to existing payees
  • Stay on top of your account information including transaction history

Download Rabobank Farm Business Mobile Banking App


Sending or receiving money from abroad to RABOBANK AUSTRALIA LIMITED (FORMERLY PIBA) in Australia? Find the right BIC / SWIFT code with our RABOBANK AUSTRALIA LIMITED (FORMERLY PIBA) SWIFT code finder.

Please remember to always confirm the correct code with the bank or recipient before sending any money.