POSB Savings Interest Rate

POSB Savings Interest Rate, We all tend to think that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. In actual fact, we come across many opportunities to save time each day, but these might come with a cost attached, monetary or otherwise. Should you call a cab or take the train? Order in or attempt to cook dinner? The stress and unhappiness of modern life can in turn affect our physical and emotional well-being. Feeling sluggish? Have trouble sleeping? You’re not alone.

Is there a way out? Perhaps. A recent study1 has shown that spending spare cash to buy time can help to relieve the negative impact of time scarcity. Wait… what does that mean? Let’s rewind. People who spent money on time-saving services reported greater happiness and life-satisfaction. If you constantly find yourself pressured by a ticking clock — read on (don’t worry, we’ll keep it short).

DBS Savings / Savings – SPEP / Expatriate Savings / Savings Plus – AF
Deposit AmountRates (% p.a.)
First $10,0000.0500
Next $90,0000.0500
Next $250,0000.0500
Next $650,0000.0750
Remaining balance above $1,000,0000.1000