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Mercantile Bank Johannesburg

Mercantile Bank Johannesburg

Mercantile Bank provides a wide range of international and local banking services to the business community with a segment focus on the Portuguese market. The Bank aims to satisfy all the banking needs of the business client and seeks to differentiate itself through a single point of contact, high touch, personalised service model. 

The bank’s core focus is on Business Banking and Commercial Banking. It also has an Alliance Banking division which offers credit card, debit card and payment services to non-banks who seek to, or are already participating in the financial services industry. In addition the bank also has a treasury division which offers a full suite of vanilla foreign exchange products.

Mercantile Bank Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercantile Bank Holdings Limited. Mercantile Bank Holdings Limited is a bank controlling and investment holding company with (100%) vesting in its Portuguese parent company, Caixa Geral de Depositos (“CGD”).

Our Parent Company

Caixa Geral De Depósitos (CGD) is a Portuguese Government owned international banking group operating in 22 countries across 4 continents – with over 800 branches in Portugal alone. The group has been successfully in operation for over 133 years.

CGD focus areas include Commercial Banking; Investment Banking and Venture Capital; Asset Management; Specialised Credit.

It is the only Portuguese bank that participates in the EURIBOR Panel and is represented in several multilateral institutions such as the Euro Banking Association (“EBA”) and the EURO1 payment system and retains an equity stake in financial services companies such as SWIFT and EUFISERV.

CGD, which is wholly owned by the Portuguese state, is Mercantile Bank Holdings Limited’s holding company. On 22 May 2012, the Group bought out minority shareholders and delisted from the JSE, resulting in CGD owning 100% of the Company.Click here for more information on CGD​.


The Mercantile Bank Group subscribes to a sustainable future, and to this end, aims to ensure sustainable practices across the entire scope of its business activities and the activities of all stakeholders, both external and internal. The Group’s Sustainability Policy identifies and documents the themes, principles, strategy, objectives, management, performance and reporting of sustainability, with the aim of integrating sustainability into the culture of Mercantile, and aligning our sustainability strategy with our business strategy. As a member of the Banking Association of South Africa, the Group subscribes to the Association’s Code of Conduct for Managing Environmental and Social Risk. The Group’s sustainability themes are accordingly based on the Association’s Code and recommendations set out in King III, read with the JSE Sustainability Reporting Index criteria, and taking into account the size of our business and the community and industry that the Group operates in. The broad categories of the Group’s Sustainability policy are:

  • Environment – materials, energy, water, emissions, effluent and waste, products and services;
  • Society – education, employment practices, occupational health and safety, training and development; and
  • Governance and related sustainability concerns – good corporate practices

The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Group operates as a responsible corporate citizen, and has set strategic guidelines for meeting sustainability requirements recognised by the Group, with the aim of translating its corporate values into sustainable business practices and interaction with all its stakeholders.

Our Mission – Our purpose and goal as a business:
We financially partner with you on your journey in creating a successful business
Our Vision – What we do as a business for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders:
We grow entrepreneurs through successful partnerships 

Our Values – What we believe in and how we will behave:We are Curious, We are Connected, We are Committed

Our Belief – Why we do what we do and love doing it:
We believe entrepreneurs are visionary. Their world is multifaceted, constantly evolving and challenging.
We believe they require a dynamic level of service and understanding to help them succeed.
We believeonly we can provide this. 

Contact Us

 Customer Experience Call Centre

BANK@bility / Internet Banking:  +27 86 011 9923   Business Banking:  +27 86 030 9250   Credit Card:  +27 86 011 9925
  Lost/Stolen Card Hotline:   +27 86 011 9925 
  International:   +27 11 302 0400  Fax:   +27 86 262 5031  Email:  [email protected]
  If you have have any complaints,   Please call:  +27 86 011 9900 or email: [email protected]    The Ombudsman’s details:  The Ombudsman for Banking Services, PO Box 87056, Houghton, 2041
  Telephone: (011) 712 1800 / 0860 800 900
  Email: [email protected]

 Lost and Stolen Cards

 For lost or stolen cards, please call our call centre immediately 
 Local: +27 86 011 9925
 International: +27 11 302 0400

 Head Office

 Tel: +27 11 302 0300
 Fax: +27 86 262 5031
142 West St
P O Box 782699

 Business & Commercial Banking

  New Business & Franchising  Sibonelo Ndlovu | Tel: 087 354 3086 | [email protected]   
Tel: +27 11 302 0300 
  Head: Commercial Banking  l  Sean Waywell  l  [email protected]
  Head: Business Banking  I  Natisha Lazarusl  [email protected]

Tel: +27 31 209 9048 
  Regional Commercial Manager  l  Gareth Scott  l  [email protected]
  Regional Business Manager  l  Selvan Govender  l [email protected]

  Western Cape  
Tel:  +27 21 419 9402
  Regional Business & Commercial  Manager 
Saleem Triegaardt  l  [email protected]    


Tel: +27 11 784 7102 
  Tel: +27 11 784 7753
  Tel: +27 11 784 7172  
  Email: [email protected]

 Electronic Banking Services

Tel:  +27 86 011 9923  
  Email: [email protected] ​