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Maybank Vehicle Loan

Maybank Vehicle Loan, Let Maybank take you one step closer to your dream car with our attractive interest rates. Enjoy great savings with one of the most competitive rates in town, starting from 3.25% p.a.


  • Financing of up to 70% of the purchase or valuation price, whichever is lower
  • Financing for up to 7 years*
  • Attractive interest rates (flat-rate scheme)
  • Fixed monthly instalments throughout your repayment period
  • GIRO payments available for your convenience

*For used cars, the following shall apply:

Age of CarMargin of FinancingTenure
Less than 10 years oldUp to 70%Maximum 7 years;
Age of car + tenure
must not exceed 10 years
More than 10 years old (not exceeding 20 years old)Up to 70%Maximum of 5 years for revalidated COE of 10 years^Maximum of 4 years for revalidated COE of 5 years^^Tenure must not exceed maturity period of COE

Interest rate

From as low as 3.25% p.a.

Who can apply

  • Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents, Foreigners
  • Foreigners with Employment Pass must appoint a local guarantor
  • At least 21 years of age