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Maybank Unit Trust

Maybank Unit Trust, a unit trust is a pool of money managed collectively by professional fund managers.

Through buying units into the trust, your money will be pooled with that of other investors and invested according to the unit trust’s objectives. Maybank offers you a wide range of Unit Trust funds that invest in various asset classes:

  • Money Market
  • Fixed Incomes
  • Property
  • Equities/Shares/Stocks
  • Commodities (ie. Precious Metal, Iron, Ore & etc)

For example, if you invest in an Asia Equity fund, the fund manager will invest your money by tapping into equities investment opportunities within Asia.
Benefits of Unit Trust Investment

  • Professional management by reputable fund manager
  • Diversification for your investment portfolio
  • Tap into faraway markets 
  • Economies of scale

Ways to Invest

Lump sum Investment

Make a one-time investment on a fund and take immediate advantage of the underlying market.

Regular Saving Plan (RSP) Investment
Unit Trust Regular Saving Plan can Help You on Your Investment Journey

Make regular investments from as low as RM100* a month and even out market risks in the long run. *Varies with different funds

  • Affordability
    Low initial investment of RM1,000
  • Flexibility
    Stop an investment plan without penalty charges
  • Control
    Decide how much you want to invest each month
  • Convenience
    Monthly investment sum will be deducted automatically

EPF Members Investment Scheme
A plan that allows you to withdraw your EPF savings to invest in EPF-approved Unit Trust funds.

Maybank2u Online Unit Trust Services

You can now open Unit Trust Investment Account and manage your Unit Trust investment immediately anywhere, anytime from the comfort of your home, office or while you’re on the go via Maybank2u.

Click here for more details on Maybank2u Online Unit Trust Services.