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Maybank Monthly Investment Plan

Maybank Monthly Investment Plan, investing does not have to be costly, complicated and time-consuming. With Monthly Investment Plan, there is now an affordable and simple way to invest. 

Start building a portfolio of blue chip stocks with as little as SGD100 a month and erase the need to time the market – just choose a counter, set an amount, and Monthly Investment Plan automatically buys that counter for you every month. This means you buy more shares when its price is low, and less shares when the price is high. Why Invest Through Monthly Investment Plan?

Extensive List of Securities in Multiple Markets
Select from over 230 stocks across 5 markets – Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand – including STI ETF, Ascendas REIT, Apple, Alphabet Inc., Alibaba and Tencent. 

The stocks are typically components of popular indices.  For the Singapore market, all 30 component companies of The Straits Times Index (STI) are available through Monthly Investment Plan. You can also trade certain exchange traded funds (ETFs), like NIKKO AM STI ETF 100 and SPDR STI ETF, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). 

For the US market, all 30 companies that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average are available, among others.

Click here for the full list of securities that you can invest in via Monthly Investment Plan.

Build a Portfolio of Blue Chips Stocks with as Little as SGD100 Per Month
Investing does not have to be capital intensive.  Purchase stocks in smaller amounts with your chosen monthly investment:

Click here to see what blue chip counters are available and find out how many you can purchase with SGD100, SGD200, SGD500 and SGD2000 monthly

Hassle-Free, Regular Investing
Monthly Investment Plan automatically executes your investments every month based on your predetermined investment amount.  This means that you buy more stocks when the price is low and fewer stocks when the price is high. Your average price per stock could potentially be lower. This is known as Dollar-Cost Averaging. Dollar-Cost Averaging lessens the risk of investing a large amount in a single investment at the wrong time.

An Example of Dollar-Cost Averaging*:

Lump Sum Investment
Month Investment Amount Price of Blue Chip Share A Number of Shares Bought
February SGD400 SGD1 400
Total SGD400 400

Total invested = SGD400

Cost per share = SGD400/400 = SGD1

Dollar Cost Averaging Via Monthly Investment Plan
Month Investment Amount Price of Blue Chip Share A Number of Shares Bought
February SGD100 SGD1 100
March SGD100 SGD1.05 95
April SGD100 SGD0.8 125
May SGD100 SGD0.5 200
Total SGD400 520

 Total invested = SGD400

Cost per share = SGD400/520 = SGD0.77

Monthly Investment Plan could save you SGD1 – SGD0.77 = SGD0.23 per share!

*This example is for illustrative purposes only.  It does not include brokerage or other fees.

Convenient and Flexible
Enjoy the flexibility of selling your stocks and amending your counters or investment amount online, anytime. Submit your purchase instructions via KE Trade Online.

No Lock-In Period
You may choose to stop or resume your monthly investment whenever you want online, anytime. How It Works

Monthly Investment Plan is a service that is offered to all Prefunded Trading Account holders. Decide on a monthly investment amount, pick your preferred counter for investment and submit your request online. Then set up your preferred recurring fund transfer arrangement to fund your monthly investment.

Make Your Decisions
Decide on your monthly investment amount and preferred stock for investment.

Pay for Your Purchases
You may elect to set up a recurring fund transfer arrangement via internet banking or apply for GIRO direct debit authorisation to make monthly payment.

Execute Orders
Orders submitted under the Monthly Investment Plan service are scheduled to be executed on the 8th of every month. If the 8th is a non-business day in Singapore, the purchase date will be the first business day after the 8th of that month for all markets. If the 8th falls on a non-business day for a foreign market, the purchase date for the foreign-listed stock will be the first business day after the 8th of that month for that foreign market.

Change Your Investment Amount and Preferred Stock
Enjoy the flexibility of amending your stocks or investment amount online, anytime.

Sell Your Stock
The preferred stock that you have bought under Monthly Investment Plan will be reflected on KE Trade under Prefunded Trading Account. You may continue to hold onto the shares bought under Monthly Investment Plan or choose to sell your investments via KE Trade or by calling your Trading Representative. Fees and Charges Under Monthly Investment Plan

The minimum purchase commission charges for multiple markets are much lower than the charges associated with the prefunded account. Please see the commission rate table below.

Contract ValueSG MarketUS, HK, MY & TH Markets
RateMinimum Rate Minimum
Less than SGD1,0001.00% SGD1 1.00% SGD1
SGD1,000 and above0.18%*SGD100.20%*SGD10

*The prevailing published prefunded account brokerage rate.


  • In addition to the commission rates payable, the following fees are incurred when trading in the Singapore market:
    • Clearing Fee of 0.0325% on contract value. 
    • SGX Trading Fee of 0.0075% on contract value.
    • GST of 7% on each item (applicable to commission and fees).
  • The commission rates for the foreign markets shown above do not include any clearing fees, stamp duties or foreign fees payable that are chargeable on each trade.
  • Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd reserves the right to impose other charges which may not be included in the above list and reserves the right to revise the published fees and charges from time to time. Other fees including but not limited to corporate action charges and custody service charges shall be referenced under KE Trade Prefunded Account type as above.

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: Open a KE Trade Prefunded Account.

Step 2: Log in to KE Trade Online and go to e-Services > Monthly Investment Plan.

Step 3: Key in your preferred monthly investment amount and the stock you wish to purchase.