Massey University Urban Planning

Planning research at Massey calls for a stronger people-centred approach towards the development of our nation’s cities and communities.

Research expertise

Built environment planning

Transport; housing; urban design; planning history


Natural environment planning

Water; natural hazards planning; agrifood; climate change


Social and institutional environment planning

Treaty-led planning; resilient and just communities; policy; governance and legislative frameworks; collaborative and participatory processes; ecological economics; environmental assessment; GIS and other tools.


Research degrees


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Planning Practice in New Zealand is the first text which provides an up-to-date and comprehensive discussion of the practical issues and challenges faced the application of planning law in New Zealand.

The work begins with an introduction to the New Zealand planning process and relevant legislation before discussing the implementation of the Resource Management Act and examining additional topics of importance such as the Local Government Act; hazards; Māori planning issues; urban and heritage design, and planning for transportation and aging.

Written by leading academics and planning practitioners, Planning Practice in New Zealand is a unique and invaluable resource for all those involved NZ planning practice including planners, planning advisors and consultants, architects, heritage consultants, compliance managers, resource officers and legal advisors.


• Authors drawn from leading planning specialists in practice and academia
• Includes examples and case studies to provide context for the issues discussed
• Examines NZ planning law from an application point of view (rather than a legal perspective)