Massey University Tuition Fees

Non-tuition fees are various administrative fees that are payable in addition to the tuition fees and sundry fees you pay for each course. All University fees are payable immediately upon the University issuing a Confirmation of Enrolment and before the start of study, or earlier if required by the University and specified in an Offer of Place. 

The list below can help you identify which fees apply to you and your chosen study. If you are a domestic student with StudyLink loan, it can also advise you which fees are not covered by StudyLink and therefore payable by you.

Note: These non-tuition fees apply to 2020 enrolments

Enrolment fees (compulsory)

 Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Enrolment fee (charged once per academic year)$65.80YesNo
Auckland Recreation Centre levy (Internal, Auckland students only)$157.10YesYes
Palmerston North Building levy (Internal, Manawatu students only)$30.60YesYes
Palmerston North Recreation Centre levy (Internal, Manawatu students only)$76.30YesYes

Student services levies (compulsory)

Student services levy for internal studentsEligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
0 – 15 credits$283.60YesYes
16 – 30 credits$313.40YesYes
31 – 45 credits$343.60YesYes
46 – 60 credits$434.20YesYes
61 – 75 credits$463.20YesYes
76 – 90 credits$494.10YesYes
91 – 105 credits$552.40YesYes
106 credits and above$582.20YesYes
Student services levy for distance learning studentsEligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
0 – 15 credits$136.30YesYes
16 – 30 credits$153.80YesYes
31 – 45 credits$172.00YesYes
46 – 60 credits$189.00YesYes
61 – 75 credits$207.30YesYes
76 – 90 credits$224.90YesYes
91 – 105 credits$243.00YesYes
106 credits and above$261.20YesYes

Admission fees

 Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Matriculation (with a NZ University Entrance qualification)No fee charged  
Special AdmissionNo fee charged  
Admission with Equivalent Status(AES),  overseas qualifications$137.00NoNo
Admission with Equivalent Status (AES), work experience$137.00NoNo

International student insurance fees

Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Studentsafe Insurance (per academic year)$620.00NoNo
Studentsafe Insurance (per semester)$310.00NoNo
Studentsafe Insurance (first month for non-semesterised qualifications)$51.67(minimum 2 months $103.33)NoNo

Examination fees

 Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Supplementary Examination (per course)$70.80NoNo
Remarking of final examination script$70.80NoNo
Return of examination scripts (per script)$8.70NoNo
DSc, DLitt$3,247.20NoNo
Distance Learning overseas venue fee (per course)$233.80NoNo
Change of Distance Learning exam venue within three weeks of the start of the examination period (per course)$81.80NoNo
IELTS examination fee$385.00NoNo
IELTS remark fee$225.00NoNo

Academic record fees

Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Official hard copy of academic record$19.40NoNo
Completion Letter (hard copy)$19.40NoNo
Additional hard copies of academic record or letter within one request$6.40NoNo
Courier fee for academic documents$34.00NoNo
Replacement Graduation Certificate (including domestic or international delivery)$106.30NoNo

Administration fees

Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Withdrawal fee (Domestic/Returner student)$97.40NoNo
Withdrawal fee (new International student)$619.00NoNo
Replacement of student identity card$13.90NoNo

Application fees

Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Application fee – Bachelor of Aviation$188.70NoNo
Application fee for Veterinary Science Selection$111.30NoNo
Application fee, Massey University-approved homestay accommodation. Please see the Homestay accommodationwebsite.$254.80NoNo
Designated Caregiver Administration Fee – all campuses$254.80NoNo
Under 18 Homestay Administration Fee – All Campuses$218.40NoNo

Recognition of prior learning (cross credit) fees

Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Cross credit and transfer of credit$106.30NoNo
Recognition of prior learning obtained through training, work experience and life experience (per course/subject)$172.10NoNo

Carry forward of postgraduate registration

Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Carry forward of postgraduate registration$28.70NoNo

Thesis printing fee

Eligible for StudyLink Eligible for Fees-Free 
Thesis printing fee$133.60NoNo

The information on these pages is for estimation purposes only. Actual fees payable will be finalised on confirmation of enrolment. Unless otherwise stated, all fees shown on this page are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include Goods and Services Tax. You should also read the University’s Disclaimer Notice before relying on any information on these pages.