Massey University Research

Massey University has an established pedigree as the leading national university of New Zealand and a major international provider of tertiary education which offers the opportunity for individuals to build value in communities, and enables the development of partnerships to address the big problems of society at a local level and on a global scale.

Veterinary, animal and biomedical sciences research

As part of Massey celebrating 50 years of veterinary education (1963-2013) in New Zealand we are featuring some of the current research taking place in our Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences research centres.

Infectious disease control and prevention

New infectious diseases of both humans and animals are emerging at an increasing rate, with most new emerging human diseases being zoonotic (i.e. from animals) in nature. Their effective control requires a comprehensive approach commonly referred to as “One Health”. Find out more…

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Health of working dogs

Andrew Worth is a Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery and he is investigating the causes of loss from service of NZ Police Dogs. Andrew hopes to gain a greater understanding of the diseases which cause loss, and find potential strategies for mitigation of loss by modifying police dog breeding criteria. Find out more…

Working Dog Centre

Maximising outcomes for sheep farmers

A series of studies has been undertaken by the International Sheep Research Centre to identify optimal feeding regimens for multiple-bearing ewes, develop a ‘herb’ feed mix and improve scientific learning for farmers. Find out more…

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