Massey University Psychology

Studying at Massey’s School of Psychology will give you insights into human behaviour and skills that will make you attractive to many employers.

Undergraduate study in psychology

Undergraduate study at Massey School of Psychology will give you a wide range of perspectives on psychology.

You’ll gain insight into human behaviour and get skills in research and knowledge dissemination. These will make you attractive to many employers. Psychology can also help you better understand yourself and others.

Your programme options

To major in psychology, you have the option of a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Health Science degree. Pick the one that suits you, based on the courses you choose to take (electives) alongside your psychology major:

To major in business or educational psychology, you can take a Bachelor of Arts.

If you already have a degree in another subject, you can take the equivalent of a major in psychology by enrolling for the Graduate Diploma in Arts or Science.

If you only want to take a few courses, or want a stepping stone to further study, you can take a Certificate in Arts or Diploma in Arts.

How to become a registered psychologist

Your course options

Massey offers a range of undergraduate psychology courses.

Additional recommendations and support

Enhance your skill set with other courses and make use of student support.

Postgraduate study in psychology

Postgraduate study at Massey School of Psychology offers an exciting variety of courses and programmes in a supportive and friendly environment.

We offer a range of postgraduate diplomas, master’s degrees and doctoral qualifications in psychology. Most are available part-time or full-time to fit with your other commitments.



Application process

Find out how to apply for postgraduate study, including entry requirements, important dates and application forms.

Block mode teaching

Most postgraduate psychology courses are taught in block mode. You need to attend the University for a four- or five-day contact workshop for each taught course, but can study from home for the rest of the semester.


How to become a registered psychologist

Thesis research resources

Research surveys

Postgraduate prospectus