Massey University Network Username

All staff and postgraduate students may access the Massey Network (internal computer system) with their staff or student login (usercode or Student ID). Network access provides access to email, internet, printers, and shared disk space for file/document backup. Undergraduate students have automatic access to the Massey network.

Target Audience: Massey staff and postgraduate students

Gaining network access

New staff and postgraduate students should be provided with network access as soon as possible.

  • Visit the Service Catalogue and fill in the appropriate registration form
  • Once submitted, the account will be setup by the Service Desk and the user details will be emailed to the Account Controller.


  • Approval must be given by Account Controllers / Department Heads (or designates) before network access is granted
  • Please complete the form correctly. Unsigned forms or forms with incomplete Account Controller details will not be processed
  • Once network access is granted, the Account Controller will be emailed the usercode details to forward to the new staff member (or postgraduate student)
  • Access to shared drives etc. may take an extra working day to finalise
  • The shared drive owner must approve access to shared drives.  ITS can only add new users to shared drives owned by the Account Controller completing the form
  • Usercodes may also be referred to as a ‘Client Code’ or ‘User Name’ or ‘Network Account’

Service cost

Basic network access

  • $10 per month
  • The service cost is automatically charged to the Department via the usercode/user name

Email access

  • Outlook (Exchange) access
  • Email access is provided for the length of a staff member’s employment at Massey University. If a staff member changes departments, s/he will take their user details with them


  • Each network user is allocated a default password
  • Network users must change their default password online when they first log in. Visit Change Network Password
  • Passwords must be changed every six months to avoid potential misuse of computer network accounts


  • Network users must comply with the University Code of Practice and associated policies.
  • Visit the Policy Guide web page for a full list of Massey University policies


  • Service costs apply until the user account is deactivated. To deactivate an account, contact the Service Desk.
  • User accounts can be set with an expiry date or monetary limit. Once reached, access to the user account is prohibited. Users are given warning via email when the account is due to expire. To extend the account, the Account Controller or Head of Department (or designate) must contact the Service Desk.
  • Where a termination date is specified, the usercode expires on that date (just after midnight).

Changing departments

  • Account Controllers are responsible for informing ITS when a staff member is due to move to another department. This will ensure usercode fees are no longer charged to that department.
  • Account Controllers are responsible for informing ITS when staff members transfer to their department.  This ensures network access is maintained and that charges are applied correctly.