Massey University Email

ITS provides central email services for Massey University, including the scanning of incoming and outgoing mail for viruses and SPAM.

Target Audience: Massey staff and postgrads with a usercode

Email format

  • The Massey University format for email is: 
    <First Initial>.<Middle Initial>.<Last Name> 

    For example:
     [email protected]
  • Only the first initial is used for people with no middle name
  • When multiple people have the same initials and surname, the first person defined has the standard email address. The next person (and those thereafter) will have a digit appended to the last name: 
    For example: [email protected]

Email services

Email setup guides and FAQs

Sending large emails

Give our ZendTo service a go!

ZendTo is a service to make it easy for you to move files, including large files up to 2GB, in and out of Massey.

Contact the Service Desk

Phone 06-356-9099 ext. 82111 (preferred method)

7:45am – 5pm, Monday to Friday 
(excluding Public and University holidays)