Maybank singapore


M2U, is now on your mobile phone! Please note that when you access Internet from your mobile, there will be data charges levied by your Telco.

• Maybank2u access
• Mobile phone with internet access


  • Convenient
  • User-friendly menus and instructions
  • Save time and money
  • Perform a wide range of banking transactions anytime, from anywhere using your mobile phone

Who can apply?

  • Anyone with Maybank2u access

Services available

Account Summary 

  • Balance Inquiry (Savings Account, Current Account, Credit/Debit Card & Fixed Deposits) 
  • Maybank2u History and Transaction History (Deposit, Credit/Debit Card)

Funds Transfer

  • Own Account Transfer
  • Favourite 3rd Party Transfer
  • Favourite Interbank GIRO


  • Make your bills and credit card payments

Getting started


  • Maybank2u access
  • Mobile phone with internet access
  • For easy access in the future, bookmark the URL on your phone –

How to apply?

There’s no need to apply for Maybank2u Mobile. Just log on to and login using your Maybank2u username and password.

How to log on?

Launch your Mobile Browser

Key in the URL –

For older versions of the BlackBerry smartphone, click on the Options button, select ‘Go To’ in your browser menu and key in the URL in the address bar. For other phone models, enter the URL in your browser address bar.

Click Login

Enter your existing Maybank2u username and password.

You are now logged in to perform your banking transactions!

For DiGi users, you may need to configure your phone to be able to enjoy the free M2U mobile access. Please click here for more info.

Important note

If you have not subscribed to a data plan, the charges can be expensive. We advise that you contact your Telco to subscribe to a data plan. There are many types of data plans offered by Telcos & the charges vary depending on the plan you choose. The charges will depend on the amount of data (bytes) requested and sent from and to your mobile phone. Please contact your Telco for further enquiries on data activation & the different types of data plans.

This service is only applicable to M2U user. If you are not a M2U user, please sign up first before you can enjoy this service.

Learn how to sign up for Maybank2u.