Lincoln University Scholarships

Scholarships all have eligibility criteria. You can apply for any number of scholarships, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each. If you already have a scholarship, please check the regulations to find out if you are able to hold other scholarships at the same time.

There are also a number of scholarships available for international students.

In most cases, Australian citizens are deemed to be New Zealand residents for the purposes of scholarship eligibility unless the regulations of a scholarship specifically state otherwise.

Scholarships Available

Keen to study with us but not sure you can afford it? We offer hundreds of scholarships to help cover your costs.

Application Information

When applying for scholarships, you must complete the prescribed application form and provide the requested documentation. There are different application forms for each scholarship, so please ensure that you download and complete the appropriate form.

Applying for a Sports, Future Leader, or Excellence Lincoln University scholarship

If you want to apply for a Lincoln University Sports Scholarship, Future Leader Scholarship, or Scholarship for Excellence, you can do this via the MyLinc system when applying to study at Lincoln.

Applying for other scholarships

If you are applying for any of our other scholarships, you will need to complete the prescribed form and supply the requested documentation.

Each scholarship has a set of regulations that specifies who is eligible to apply for the scholarship. Please read the regulations thoroughly to determine your eligibility. Ensure that you answer every question on the application form and provide all requested documentation, e.g. birth certificate (ensure that it is a certified copy), academic transcript, photo etc.

Please only provide a Curriculum Vitae (CV) if this is requested. If a CV is not requested, it will not benefit your application.

Do not provide original documents. Ensure that they are certified copies.

Complete and attach the requested documentation for each scholarship that you apply for. Documentation (such as birth certificates and academic transcripts) will not be gathered from your application to study or previous scholarship applications. Treat each application individually.

Current Lincoln University students have access to their academic transcripts via the university’s student management system, LUCAS. Please ensure that you attach your own transcript.

All pages should be A4 size and stapled to the top left-hand corner. Only use one staple per application. Please do not bind your application or put it in a folder.

Ensure that your application reaches the Scholarships Office, PO Box 85084, Lincoln University, Lincoln 7647, or the address provided on the application, prior to the closing date.

No undertaking will be given to accept late or incomplete applications.

Ensure that your application is neatly presented. Applications that are difficult to read or incomplete may be disadvantaged.

Referee’s Report

This consists of a written statement from a person(s) that you select regarding your abilities. Academic referees do not need to be from Lincoln University, but may be any academic individual that you deem appropriate.

Please download the Lincoln University Referee’s Report form and give it to your selected referees.

It is your responsibility to contact your referees and ensure that they send their report directly to the Scholarships Office, or the other address on the application form, by the due date. The referees must write the name of the scholarship(s) that you are applying for on the form.

It is your responsibility to ensure that referees’ reports are in by the due date. The Scholarships Office will not follow up referee reports that are incomplete or absent. It is beneficial to provide your referees with the regulations for the scholarship for which you are applying.

Selection Process

Most Lincoln University scholarships are selected on the basis of the written application and the referee’s report. Some, however, will require interviews. If an interview is required, the Scholarships Office will notify you. For Lincoln University scholarships, the selection process typically takes six to eight weeks, but may take longer.

All scholarship applicants will receive notification in writing by email once the outcome of the selection is final.

Want more information?

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