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The Library holds the Customer Service Excellence accreditation. This award is regularly reassessed and we hope it demonstrates a clear commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Joining the Library

How do I join the Library?

Update: Due to ongoing developments with the COVID-19 virus outbreak we are currently unable to process any new requests for associate readers. 


Your Library card is the student ID card issued to you at enrolment. This card identifies you as a student of the University and you need to bring it with you every time you visit the Library.

University Staff:

Members of staff have a library account created automatically and your library card is your staff ID card. If you require an in-depth introduction to the Library and the research services that we offer please contact the Academic Subject Librarian for your subject area.


How do I borrow items from the Library?

Use the self-service machines and your Library card to borrow any items. You’re responsible for everything borrowed on your card.

You won’t be able to borrow any items if you owe more than £10 in fines or have overdue books.

Once you have an item on loan check your Library Account to see when it is due for return. Remember that others can request an item you have on loan so this may change how long you can keep it. If this happens we’ll email you with a new return date.

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How many books can I borrow?

User typeNumber of loans
External borrowers*6

*External borrowers include registered Associate, Alumni and SCONUL access users.

If you are not sure what borrower type you are please contact us.

How long can I borrow an item for?

We’ve simplified our loans and now have four types:

Item type
ReferenceFor use in the Library
One week loansReading list and high demand books
Four week loansGeneral reading
Laptop loans*3 hour loans

*Laptops are available from the self-service cabinet on the ground floor.


How do I renew an item?

Unless the item is reserved by another user or returned we’ll renew it for you automatically.

When won’t the item renew?

The item will not renew if:

  • Another user has reserved it via the library website; 
    • One week loans: you will receive an email 2 days before the item is due letting you know that it will not renew. The item must be returned promptly.
    • 4 week loans: you will receive an email letting you know the item has been recalled. You will then have 7 days to return it.
  • you owe £10 or more in fines and/or charges;
  • it is a laptop;
  • it is a dissertation;
  • it is an inter-library loan.

What happens if I still need it?

If you need the item again, you can also reserve it via the library website. This will add your details to a queue and you’ll receive a notification when it’s your turn.

How much will I get fined if I don’t return a recalled item?

Recalled items are charged at 50p per day, to a maximum of £10 per item.

What about holiday times?

If you are going away, we recommend you return your items before you leave or be prepared to send them back to us via post: if they are requested by another user we won’t be able to renew them.


How do I reserve an item?

  • Log onto “My Account” on the library website;
  • Search for the item;
  • Select where you want to collect the item from; 
  • Click on “Reserve”.

You can have four concurrent reservations at a time. You will receive a notice to your student email account when the item is ready for collection. You then have 3 days from the date on the email to collect your reservation.

Distance Learners will have items posted out automatically.

Which items can I reserve?

Reservations may be placed on items that are out on loan to another borrower, at another campus or even on the shelf.

If a reservation is placed on an item which is out on loan then it will not renew and the one due back first will receive a recall email.

You can reserve:

  • Four week loan books
  • One week loan books
  • DVDs

Reservations cannot be placed on:

  • Reference items
  • Journals
  • Laptops
  • Dissertations

You can have 4 concurrent reservations at a time.


How do I return an item?


 As the Library building is currently closed, we would appreciate it if all students could keep hold of the books that you currently have on loan until you are asked to return them. If you are not able to do this, you can return books to the post room, which is located on the ground floor of the Minerva building, between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We would however ask that you only use this option if it is absolutely necessary. 

Thank you for your support during these difficult times. The Library Team. 

To see when your items are due for return, check your Library Account.

When you have finished with a book or DVD or you are returning a reserved book please use the self-service machine.

If you have finished with an inter library loan please hand this in to the enquiries desk.

Laptops should be returned to self-service laptop cabinet.


Will I be charged if my items are overdue?

Yes. We charge fines on any items which are not returned by the due date and have not been automatically renewed.

Another user may reserve an item that you have out on loan. If this happens, you will receive an email notifying you that an item has not been renewed or an item has been recalled. Please watch for emails from the Library.

Failure to return a reserved item by the due date given will incur a 50p per day late return fine.

Laptops returned after the due time will incur a 50p per hour late return fine.

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