Lincoln University Graduation

Due to the emerging situation regarding COVID-19, Lincoln University has made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 graduation ceremony on 24 April.

Qualifications will be conferred and mailed to graduands, and the university hopes to hold a celebratory ceremony on 8 October. 

While this is incredibly disappointing for the entire Lincoln whānau, the decision reflects the Government’s directive to cancel events that are likely to attract more than 500 people. 

Our top priority is the safety and security of graduands and their families, as well as all staff and students of the university. The health and wellbeing of our wider community is also extremely important to us.

The event in October will reflect the pageantry that marks a graduation ceremony, with graduands donning their robes and parading to the Christchurch Town Hall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will graduands still receive their qualifications?

All qualifications will be conferred as planned on 24 April 2020. 

Hard copy parchments will be mailed to graduands, with digitally certified transcripts and parchments issued in My eQuals. 

The university hopes to hold a graduation celebration in October, which would reflect the pageantry that marks a graduation ceremony.

Are associated events also cancelled?

Yes, all associated events are cancelled, including the Sport and Future Leaders Celebration, the PhD Dinner, the Graduation Ball and the Rā Whakamana & Pasifika Celebration. 

The university hopes to reschedule these for October, along with the celebratory graduation event.

Do you have to walk across a stage to graduate?

No, that is part of a graduation ceremony but not essential. Every year, some students apply to graduate “in absentia”, which means they are awarded their qualification without attending the ceremony.

Is there a refund for regalia?

Yes. If payment has been made by credit card, the card will be reimbursed. If you have paid via online banking or at the cashier, you will be contacted and asked for bank details so that you can be reimbursed.

What are the implications for international students regarding travel and visas?

Letters will be issued or reissued for international visas, including the new ceremony date if applicable, at no cost to students.

I have further questions. Who should I contact?

Email [email protected]. If you are a student, please include your student number in the subject line.

Applying to Graduate

Learn about the options available to you when applying to graduate.

Graduation is a significant milestone for every student – make sure you don’t miss out by knowing what to do in order to have your qualification awarded.

The next Lincoln University Graduation Ceremony has been postponed from Friday 24 April 2020 until Thursday 8 October 2020, due to the COVID-19 situation.

When do I become eligible to apply to graduate?

You become eligible to apply to graduate on completion of your academic course requirements.

Please note that if you have practical work requirements as part of your qualification this must be completed before your qualification can be awarded. Any outstanding fees must also be paid before you can graduate.

When should I expect to apply to graduate?

Your invitation to graduate email is not sent immediately after results are released, it is not an automatic process. Approximately one week after the release of examination results, if you have completed all academic requirements for your qualification, an email will be sent to your Lincoln University email account inviting you to log into LUCAS and apply online to graduate (the link will appear under your ‘To Do’ list heading, top right of the page).

If you think you have completed your qualification and do not receive an email one week after your results are released, please email [email protected].

Why do I need to apply to graduate? 

Your application instructs the University how to award your qualification, confirms your name, address and phone details and also – for those who would like to attend the Graduation Ceremony in person – allows you to reserve your guest tickets and hire regalia.

Expecting to graduate with more than one qualification?

You must submit a separate application for each qualification you are expecting to graduate with. If you are expecting to graduate with more than one qualification please email [email protected] we can check everything is correct in the system and advise you on the regalia you will wear if attending the Ceremony in person.

When is the application deadline? 

All students who complete after Semester 1 and 2 must submit an application to graduate by 1 February in order to be part of the Graduation Ceremony.

Students completing over Summer Semesters will be able to be included for graduation at the Ceremony, and the relevant application deadline will be advised to you by the Graduation Office at the time (will be just after results are released).

Please see below for application dates if you wish to graduate at one of the Council meetings (you do not attend) held throughout the year rather than at the Ceremony.

Lincoln University regulations 

No qualification can be awarded unless all University regulations have been complied with. These regulations include payment of all outstanding fees and completion of all practical work (if applicable to your qualification).

Your graduation options

Decide how you want to graduate by choosing ONE of the three graduation options outlined below.

1. In Person

If you intend to come to the Graduation Ceremony, please select this option in LUCAS.
If you attend the ceremony you must wear academic regalia; you will hire your regalia and order your ceremony tickets when you complete your application.

2. In Absentia

Your qualification will be awarded on the 24th April 2020 without you attending the Graduation Ceremony. Your parchment will be posted to you after Graduation. If you would like to graduate in Absentia, please select this option in LUCAS.

3. In Council

Depending on the time of year that you make your application this may be the fastest way to get your parchment awarded to you – please see the dates below.

Graduating in Council is identical to graduating in Absentia apart from the date on which the conferral takes place. If you choose the in Council option your degree will be conferred at the next available University Council meeting (you do not attend) and your parchment will be posted to you after the meeting date.

2020 Council meetings and application deadlines

• Apply by Friday 1 February for the Council meeting on Tuesday 25 February.

• Apply by Monday 13 July for the Council meeting on Tuesday 28 July.

• Apply by Friday 9 October for the Council meeting on Tuesday 27 October.

• Apply by Friday 13 November for the Council meeting on Tuesday 15 December.

Not sure if you can attend the Ceremony?

If you would like to come to the Ceremony but are not sure if you will be able to attend, it is best to apply to graduate in person to secure your regalia and guest tickets. After your graduation application has been submitted we can then manage any changes that need to be made on your behalf.

Deferring your graduation until 2021

You can choose to defer your graduation until 14 May 2021. You might want to defer your graduation if you know you will not be able to complete practical work in time to meet the deadline for the 2020 Graduation Ceremony; or if you want to graduate with two qualifications together (eg, Diploma in Agriculture and Diploma in Farm Management, or Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science with Honours).

If you wish to defer your graduation you must complete your graduation application and choose the option to defer (you will be asked to select a deferred graduation either in person or in absentia for 2021).

Your graduation preparation checklist

1. Check you can access your student email and LUCAS via the direct links.

When your status is changed from an ‘active’ student to ‘completed’ you will no longer have access to LEARN. Please make sure that you can log into your student email and LUCAS account via the direct links below: 


Lincoln student email: 

Contact IT Help: +64 3 423 0100 | [email protected] for login resets and access issues.

2. Do you have practical work outstanding?

You MUST apply to graduate by 1 February to secure your place. If you wait to know your practical work results before applying to graduate you will miss out. 

Please be aware that only practical work reports submitted by 1 February 2020 will have an opportunity to resubmit if required. No extensions to the practical work and employer report submission deadline of 20 February will be possible.

If you have applied to graduate in 2020 and find you are not able to complete your practical work in time, please email [email protected] and we will update your submitted graduation application on your behalf.

3. Are your email and phone contacts up to date?

Please keep all your email and mobile number contacts up to date so that you don’t miss out on graduation information, including event text notifications in case of wet weather.

4. Have you checked your permanent address details?

You have two addresses in LUCAS, one is your mailing address and the other is your permanent address. The graduations office will use your permanent address to send any ceremony tickets (for those who attend the ceremony) and parchments (for those who graduate in Absentia or in Council) unless you specify otherwise by contacting [email protected]

5. If you plan to graduate in person at the Ceremony have you read through the information available here?

By reviewing the information available to you on these graduation pages you can:

• check the 2020 Graduation Ceremonies page to see if you will be graduating in the morning or afternoon ceremony; 

• read about what to expect on the day;

• find out about regalia hire, wear and return;

• read about ceremony tickets, the on-campus venue and live streaming of the ceremony; the professional photographer and tips to help you make the most of the day;

• and find about other graduation events: the Graduation Ball, Rā Whakamana, and Future Leaders and Sports Scholars Graduation Celebrations.