Lincoln University Diploma In Agriculture

New Zealand is a world leader in agriculture and Lincoln University has been producing skilled agricultural workers for more than 130 years. 

The Diploma in Agriculture continues this tradition, giving students the opportunity to enhance their agricultural and farm management knowledge through a programme of eight integrated courses. These cover farm management, associated husbandries and other required skills, including the physical and financial aspects of business planning. The focus is on ‘applied management’ with a combined aim of producing graduates ready to operate in the professional agricultural environment. 

This programme is about New Zealand agriculture, its resources and management systems, so it is essential that students entering the Dip.Agr. are familiar with, or have had, experience working in at least one of these systems.

Students study the Diploma in Agriculture on the Lincoln campus, or can study part-time through our Regional Diploma while living and working at home.

Practical Work

A period of Practical Work is a requirement of this qualification and full details are available in the Dip.Agr. Practical Work Handbook.

The minimum requirement is for a total of 12 weeks Practical Work (preferably full-time) on two different farm types, with the shortest period accepted being 4 weeks. At least 6 of these 12 weeks should be completed before the commencement of studies. 
It is important that students in this programme have the following attributes to ensure successful completion of the Practical Work:
• Competence in driving vehicles (previous tractor or truck driving experience is an advantage)
• Physical ability for working on farms without endangering yourself or others.

Please contact the Practical Work Co-ordinator for further information [email protected] or phone +64 3 423 0061.


Compulsory Courses

1st Semester 
COMP 021 Computing and Communication 
MGMT 024 Farm Management Systems A 
PLSC 024 Plant Husbandry   
SOSC 021 Soils and Soil Management   

2nd Semester 
ANSC 021 Livestock Production Systems 
BIOS 021 Plant and Animal Health   
ENGN 023 Engineering I   
MGMT 025 Farm Management Systems B 


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Email: [email protected]