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Any vehicle users who do not comply with the University’s Vehicle Registration and Traffic Statute are subject to the range of enforcement measures prescribed in the Statute, including fines, clamping of vehicles, and towing of vehicles. A summary document is also available.

How do I appeal a parking or traffic infringement ticket?

If you receive a traffic infringement ticket which you consider to be unwarranted, you may appeal contacting the Traffic Coordinator, who will consider your explanation of why the ticket should be waived and communicate the decision back to you.

You must have a genuine reason as a basis for the appeal. Insufficient grounds for making an appeal include:

  • Being unaware of the traffic and parking restrictions
  • Being unable to find an authorised park
  • For a student or staff member, failing to display a current parking permit
  • For a visitor, failing to display a current visitor’s parking coupon or business card.

Should the Traffic Coordinator decline your initial appeal, you may then make a final written appeal to the University Council.

The appeal must be in the form specified by section 17 of the Vehicle Registration and Traffic Statute 2011 and be lodged within 21 calendar days of the Infringement Notice to: Vice-Chancellor, Appeals Committee of Council, PO Box 85084, Lincoln University 7647.

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