Lincoln University Bachelor Of Agriculture

Lincoln University’s Bachelor of Agriculture uses real world examples and practical experiences to produce graduates who can immediately make a difference in jobs across all areas of agricultural production and related industries. New Zealand is a world leader in agriculture, and it is not by chance that, for over 130 years, Lincoln University has been training world-leading agricultural specialists. 
This degree is structured around courses in four key disciplines: plant science, animal science, soil science and farm management.

Practical Work

A Practicum is a requirement of this programme and full details are available in the handbook.

A summary of requirements is provided:
• 28 weeks in total
• One Dairy farm (minimum 10 weeks – maximum 14 weeks)
• One Sheep/beef farm (minimum 10 weeks – maximum 14 weeks)
• Any time remaining can be on a different type of farm or in an allied industry of your choice.

It is important that students in this programme have the following attributes to ensure successful completion of the Practicum:
• Competence in driving vehicles (previous tractor or truck driving experience is an advantage)
• Previous farming experience is preferred, though not essential
• Physical ability for working on farms without endangering yourself or others.

Please contact the Practical Work Co-ordinator for further information [email protected] or phone +64 3 423 0061.


  • Compulsory Courses

ANSC 105 Animal Science 
LINC 101 Land, People and Economies 
MGMT 103 Primary Industry Systems 
PHSC 101 Chemistry IA 
PLSC 104 Plant Science I 
SOSC 106 Soil Science I 

ANSC 213 Livestock Production Science 
MGMT 201 Principles of Agricultural Systems 
PLSC 204 Plant Production Systems 
QMET 201 Biometrics 
SOSC 224 Soil Management 

AGRI 393 Agricultural Practicum 


Location: Burns Wing – B220
Phone: +6434230777
Email: [email protected]