Lincoln University Annual Report

It is my pleasure to present the Lincoln University 2018 Annual Report. As an institution, we engaged with a number of extraordinary items of business throughout the year and did so in a responsive and measured way while still returning a strong operational performance.

The full year EBITDA is $10.79 million, which is a better result than forecast and maintains the ‘low risk’ status under the Tertiary Education Commission’s Financial Monitoring Framework.

This performance is the result of good enrolment numbers, successful research funding bids, operational restraint and is a credit to all staff in the institution.

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Becoming a university student can be emotionally tricky for many people and that’s a normal reaction. Here are some tips to help you settle into life at Lincoln.

Your needs

Becoming a university student can be emotionally tough, exciting, scary or confusing. Whatever you’re feeling, know that it’s normal to have a range of emotions about beginning your university studies.

In your first few days, we recommend focusing on your personal needs and the things you know help you feel organised, safe and happy.

Some things to consider:

  • View the Freshers’ Checklist to ensure you’ve completed important administrative tasks so that you can focus on enjoying student life as soon as possible.
  • Know the key academic and enrolment dates so you’re aware of important deadlines. And log any key dates into your calendar.
  • Whether you’re living on or off campus, focus on setting things up at home that will make you feel organised, safe and happy. Bring personal items that remind you of home like photos of pets and family.
  • Attend as many social opportunities as you feel comfortable with. For some people that’s very few, for others it’s everything! Do what works best for you but try to share your experiences with other new students – you’ll realise they are having the same feelings as you and probably have the same questions too.
  • Enrol at the Health Centre. They offer complete health services, with doctors, nurses, dieticians and counsellors right here on campus. See here for more details.
  • Keep active and make the most of your Recreation Centre membership. As a student at Lincoln University, you get access to the Recreation Centre at no additional charge. That includes a full range of gym facilities and more than 40 Les Mills group classes every week! Take your LU Student ID to the Recreation Centre to register as a member.

It’s okay to change your mind:

If you’ve made arrangements that you don’t feel comfortable with, get advice early. There’s always a path forward and our job is to help you find the path that makes you happy and helps you achieve your goals.