Investec Bank Bursaries

Investec Bank Bursaries

Our CSI strategy is aimed at facilitating the empowerment of talented individuals within a defined continuum of interventions including bursaries and other programmes through school and university to the workplace, so that they may realise their potential.

Education focus

In a quest to create a meaningful legacy for Investec and the communities within which we operate, we have identified education as a key focus area in CSI. The employment of well-educated individuals is vital to business success. Education is equally important for the long-term economic growth prospects of our country.

English, Maths and Science skills

Short-term requirements demand tertiary education skills, but in the longer term, the schooling system should generate learners, who are competent in English, Maths and Science with an aspiration to proceed beyond Matric.

High School Bursary Programme

Investec is involved in initiatives that support learners from township and rural schools, who show good academic potential, to attend top performing high schools.Find out more

Tertiary Bursary Programme

Investec, in partnership with Study Trust, awards young South Africans, with academic potential and in financial need, the opportunity to study towards financial sector related degrees at various local universities. The programme’s students vary from first year to honours level.Learn more