First National Bank Online

First National Bank Online, Take advantage of banking that goes beyond the traditional – whether you are already a client or new to FNB. Experience unlimited banking that combines quality, usability, safety and easy-of-use to manage your money anywhere, anytime.



What you can do with Online Banking for Business

As a business banker

  • Do your banking whenever you choose
  • Payment notification sent via email or fax
  • Use our FREE Instant Accounting, Instant Invoicing, Instant Cashflow and Instant Payroll tools.
  • Future-dating of payments up to 12 months in advance
  • Same day value for payments to other banks
  • Referencing for all transactions
  • Verify payment notification received from an online banking user
  • Find commonly used recipients using the Public List Search
  • Register for free on our Business Directory
  • Stay in touch with your transacting using inContact Pro