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Please note that the new Merchant Agreements are now available online at all times and will replace your old agreement.
Your point-of-sales facility rates and fees will not be affected by this change.

Why is a Merchant Agreement required?

The new Merchant Agreement will provide the terms and conditions that merchants will be legally bound to. For general POS services merchants will only have to sign the application form, schedule of fees and charges, Merchant Services General Terms and Conditions and POS Device Terms and Conditions.

What are the most pertinent terms and conditions of the Merchant Agreements?

A summary of the key terms and conditions are as follows:

  • FNB has the right to change the Merchant Agreement and/or add new terms and conditions for the use of the service and product at any time. Merchants will be notified of these changes via multiple communication channels, which include but are not limited to SMS, email, post, statement messages, etc.
  • Due to Payment Industry regulations, we have introduced a zero tolerance policy towards PCI Compliance. Merchants are therefore obligated to ensure that their business and systems are compliant with these new mandatory requirements.
  • FNB has the right to debit the merchant’s nominated bank account for reasons such as:
    • Chargebacks
    • Fraudulent or suspected illegal transactions
    • Invalid / Erroneous transactions
    • Fees
    • Penalties / Fines / Damages
  • The onus rests solely on the merchant to ensure that we are adequately protected against fraudulent activities.
  • Transactions may be reversed through a process called Chargeback if such transaction: is subject to a dispute raised by the cardholder; was not authorised; is fraudulent, invalid, erroneous and/or illegal; is not in accordance with the provisions of the Merchant Agreement; and/or for any other reason as specified by the applicable card association and industry requirements.
  • The practise of levying surcharges is clearly prohibited in terms of PASA, VISA, UP and MasterCard Rules.
  • You will be held liable for all transactions that were processed offline which result in Chargebacks as they would be regarded as unauthorised transactions.
  • Manual transactions on debit cards are not allowed.
  • Obtaining voice authorisation from the bank and/or receiving an authorisation code from the bank:
    • is merely a confirmation that there are sufficient funds available in the cardholder’s bank account:
    • does not imply that a transaction is not a fraudulent transaction;
    • does not guarantee the validity of the transaction;
    • does not exempt you from your duty to prevent fraudulent fransactions;
    • does not imply that the intended transaction cannot be declined later; and/or
    • does not imply that the transaction cannot be subject to a Chargeback.
    • * We confirm that the facility will not be used if it contravenes any laws or policies of the card associations.

What happens to the old Merchant Agreements?

The new Merchant Agreement will replace any and all previously signed Merchant Agreements that have been entered into with FNB Merchant Services in relation to any acquiring services delivered by the bank.

What if the Merchant does not want to accept the new Merchant Agreements/Ts & Cs?

In this instance, the merchant has the right to end the agreement by notifying the bank of their intention to cancel the use of FNB’s merchant acquiring services in writing (send an email to[email protected]) or by phoning the FNB Merchant Services Call Centre (087 575 0012). Please note that your continued use of our services, i.e. POS device and/or eCommerce will be construed as acceptance of the new Merchant Agreement.

Who can Merchants speak to if they have queries regarding the new Merchant Agreements?

The merchant can inform FNB of their queries via the FNB Merchant Services Call Centre as per the details indicated above.

Which documents are applicable to my business?

The document requirements per product are listed below:

Documentation General POS Services eCommerce MOTO
Merchant Services General Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions for the use of the POS device
Terms and Conditions for the eCommerce Facility
Terms and Conditions for the MOTO Facility

Additional Services:

Should you wish to enquire about an FNB Merchant Services solution for your business, please do not hesitate to contact the FNB Merchant Services National Service Centre.


  • 087 575 0012