First National Bank Ewallet

First National Bank Ewallet, eWallet is an instant, easy and affordable money transfer service that allows you to send money to anyone.

  1. Send money from your FNB account
  2. Money is transferred securely and immediately
  3. Recipient receives an SMS after receiving money into the eWallet


What happens if I send money to the wrong cellphone number?

What is the maximum balance of the eWallet?

What is the maximum amount that an FNB customer can send to an eWallet?

How does the recipient get cash?

Why is my Send Money transaction blocked or why is the limit reduced?

Where do I report my lost/stolen card to?

How can I protect my eWallet funds?

What is the difference between a temporary ATM PIN and an eWallet PIN?

What is the difference between the free (*130*277#) and paid (*120*277#) dial strings?

What if I have another query or need to speak to someone about my eWallet problem?


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