First National Bank Branch Code

First National Bank Branch Code, Customers usually require a FNB branch code when using internet banking. It’s always hard to remember a Bank branch code and users often face problems on finding the right branch code online. That’s why we listed the exact FNB Bank branch code you are looking for in a fast and simple way!

As you are searching for Fnb branch code , you should need to know about the difference . . .

Branch Codes vs Universal Branch Codes

Branch Codes – A branch code of a bank basically tells the area where that branch is located. it is a unique number associated with each and every branch of that particular bank.

Generic or Universal Branch Codes – It’s user-friendly code offering a single code for all the branches of a bank. You can use this code on any transaction no matter what branch a bank account is held or opened.

In South Africa, major banks are now using this user friendly universal branch code for all their branches. This is one of the most user-friendly options as far as banking concerned, especially when it comes to do internet banking.

Below you will find the exact FNB Universal Branch Code that you can use for online banking or mobile banking.

FNB Universal Branch Code

FNB – 250 655