First National Bank 250 Bonus

First National Bank 250 Bonus, For residents of Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia, First National Bank is offering a $250 bonus when you open a new qualifying checking account using Promo code AM2500717 . To earn the bonus, simply open a new qualifying checking account, set up a direct deposit, and keep your account in good standing by August 19, 2017. Also once you open an account with this bank, you’ll receive great features such as online banking, telephone banking, and much more. If you are interested and qualify, make sure to take advantage of this offer and sign up today!

Editor’s Note: Our reader chatted with CSR and confirmed that can the Promo Code: AM2500717 be re used and is not a single user promo code.

Credit goes to Alex for letting us know about this bank bonus through our Rewards Program. Let us know if you find a new bank bonus and get paid!


First National Bank $250 Bonus Info:

  • No direct link, see the flyer below for more information.
  • First National Bank Promotion PDF Printout
  • Account Type: Free Style Checking, Mystyle Checking, Lifestyle Checking, Premierstyle Checking
  • Availability: PA, OH, MD, WV, NC, SC (Bank Locator)
  • Expiration Date: 08/19/2017
  • Credit Inquiry: Soft Pull
  • ChexSystems: Yes
  • Opening Deposit: $50.
  • Credit Card Funding: Up to $50 (All payment networks are accepted)
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: Yes
  • Monthly Fee: $0- $25, see below on how to waive the monthly fees.
  • Additional Requirements: Bank employees and members of their household are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Household Limit: 1
  • Closing Account Fee: Checking accounts closed within 180 days of account opening will face a closing fee of $50.

Earn First National Bank $250 Bonus:

  1. Open a qualifying Checking Account with a minimum opening deposit of $50 from First National Bank using the promo code: AM2500717 by August 19, 2017.
  2. Set-up and have a qualifying direct deposit totaling at least $2,500 to your new personal checking account within the first 90 days of account opening and your account must be in good standing once the above conditions are satisfied.
  3. Once you meet all of the requirements the $250 bonus will be deposited into the account the next business day after 90 days of account opening.

How To Avoid Monthly Fees:

  • FreeStyle Checking: No monthly fees
  • MyStyle Checking: Avoid the $6.95 fee by maintaining a minimum $500 daily balance, having a $5,000 combined average daily Balance, OR having a recurring monthly direct deposit each statement cycle of 10 POS debit card purchase transactions posted and cleared per statement cycle
  • LifeStyle Checking: Avoid the $10 fee by maintaining a minimum $1,000 Average Daily Balance OR having a $10,000 combined average daily balance.
  • PremierStyle Checking: Avoid the $25 by maintaining a minimum $7,500 daily balance OR having a $25,000 combined minimum daily balance (includes combined balance from checking, savings, CDs, MMDAs, and IRAs for preceding month)

Bottom Line:

Check out First National Bank to learn more about the $250 bonus. If you are interested in this offer then you should take full advantage of it and apply now. Please feel free to let us know if you know if this offer worked out for you! We would love to hear back from you. If you would like to see more, check out our full list of Bank Bonuses for all your banking needs.